Why Your Closet Needs a Pair of Heels in It

Each shoe type has a specific and important role in fashion. Sneakers give your outfits more mobility and comfort. Slippers are easy to take on and off. They’re also often waterproof and great for beach days. Cowboy boots represent Southern culture and offer many practical properties. Heels also play a significant, fashionable role. Discover why your closet needs a pair of heels in it, and enhance your shoe collection with another stylish addition.

Heels Add Height

Heels give you a couple of extra inches. Aside from making you feel taller, the added height from heels offers many other benefits. When your clothes fit but are too long, the added inches from the heels make the long garments sit just right on you. Heels also elongate your legs, changing the overall dynamic of your appearance with some long and straight lines.

Heel Are Appropriate for Formal Wear

Formal events, from weddings to work conferences, are a common life occurrence, and heels ensure your footwear meets dress codes. Out of all the different shoe types, heels are some of the only few that are always fitting for formal wear. In the past, heels were a symbol of important status, as the added height alluded to higher social standing. Heels have since represented formality. Having a pair of heels in your closet allows you to style more formal looks and prepares you for any foreseeable formal occasions.

Heels Boost Confidence

The added height, lingering symbolism of high-class standing, and the sound of heels are major confidence boosters. Heels help you command a room, attracting attention with the sound of your walk and your height. Many powerful figures in reality and fiction wear heels. Miranda Priestly ran a successful fashion magazine in heels. Kate Middleton frequently rocks a pair of sleek pumps during her royal duties. Even the leads in Charlie's Angels wear heels when they fight crime. Heels symbolize and exude power and confidence.

Why does your closet need a pair of heels in it? The reason is that heels are an essential and important fashionable accessory. Heels make you strut with long legs, grace, and confidence.

No outfit is whole without a pair of shoes, and no wardrobe collection is complete without a pair of heels. Shop Two Cumberland's women's shoe boutique online today!

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