4 Things You Should Wear to Any Outdoor Festival

It’s the season for outdoor concerts and festivals, and we’re here to make sure you dress to impress for the occasion. After all, besides the music and fun attractions, festivals are all about the festive outfits. Whether you plan to attend the popular Lollapalooza or the local Harvest Hoedown, look stylish and practical with these four things you should wear to any outdoor festival.

Chic Sun Protection

Attending an outdoor festival means long hours under the sun. Although the sunshine and warmth are an inviting contrast to chilly, overcast days, too much sun exposure causes an array of health and safety concerns, from dehydration to painful burns. Thankfully, many fashionable finds provide you with stylish and practical solutions.

Sunglasses, hats, and light coverups give you plenty of chic ways to stay protected from harmful UV rays. Don’t let heatstroke and sun damage ruin your festivities—add sun protection to your festival outfits.

Go-With-the-Flow Apparel

Flowy clothes let air reach your skin, making room for heat and moisture to escape. Flowy clothing is also a staple to festival looks, as it embodies the go-with-the-flow and free-spirited aesthetic of the festivities. Plus, the billowy designs of flowy clothing give you full mobility to dance and explore the festival grounds comfortably.

Whether watching a musical performance or feasting on different treats from crafty local vendors, flowy apparel gives you a functional and fashionable festival fit. At Two Cumberland, we offer a diverse collection of Southern boutique dresses with flowy design features that’ll keep you cool, chic, and comfortable under the sun.

Durable and Comfortable Footwear

The shoes you choose to wear can drastically change your festival—and post-festival—experience. Between all the standing, walking around, and dancing, festivals can do a number on your feet. Durable and comfortable footwear makes sure your feet stay protected and happy during those long festival hours. Some of the best shoes for festivals include sneakers and boots. We recommend cowboy boots for a chic Southern touch to your look while still enjoying comfort and protection.

Vibey Accessories and Embellishments

No outfit is complete without some accessories. Embrace the free-spirited, exhilarating, and vibrant vibes of festivals with fun, fashionable embellishments like funky-shaped sunnies, frilly jackets, and bedazzled fanny packs. You can enhance your festival look in many ways with different accessories and textures. Popular must-haves for any festival outfit are sparkles, fringe, and lace.

Take on festival season with fashionable, functional, and vibey outfits with these four things you should wear to any outdoor festival. From hats to flowy dresses, our boutique offers lots of great pieces that’ll give you the ultimate festival look. Check out our stylish selection and style your next festival outfit with us!

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