Formal dances aren’t as popular as they used to be, giving us very limited opportunities to go all out with hair, makeup, and wardrobe. Thankfully, Southern traditions keep balls alive, gracing us with the opportunity to dress up in gowns and feel like a true Southern belle.

As a stylish Southern boutique, we know what it takes to be a debutante diamond of the season: style, elegance, and lots of Southern charm—qualities that our debutante ball style guide offers. Explore and shop our debutante looks, and let’s get you ready for the ball.

Dress To Impress

Compared to traditional debutante balls’ standards, present-day cotillion dresses feature more modern fashion influences, from varying sleeve and neckline options to different prints, textures, and looks. It opens the door for you to shine in your own way and style preference. At Two Cumberland, we offer debutante ball dresses that give you multiple style options, including sleek fitted gowns and flowy high-low formal dresses.

Southern Belle Elegance

Are you looking to channel your inner princess? As a South Carolina–based boutique, we are more than familiar with Southern flair. We sell bright and bold deb ball dresses that mirror the South’s big personalities, flowy fits that showcase a belle’s daintiness, and various design styles that encapsulate the charming qualities of Southern women. Our boutique wardrobe can transform you into a modern-day Southern belle.

Charming Accessories

On top of selling you dresses and the main component of your debutante ball look, we also offer a selection of dancing footwear and clutches for carrying your mid-dance beauty touch-up essentials. Style a head-to-toe cotillion look with Two Cumberland.

A pinnacle moment in life for many Southern women—as a guest or debutante—is the debutante ball. Make the occasion an even more memorable one with a one-of-a-kind outfit. Shop for your perfect look with Two Cumberland’s debutante ball style guide today!