3 Things That Southern Women Want You To Know About Fashion

Southern culture encompasses many qualities and symbolic elements that bleed into different aspects of its essence, from food to etiquette. A staple of the culture is its distinct women’s fashion that encapsulates the many facets Southern women exude, such as vibrancy, charm, and grace. Enhance your wardrobe with some things Southern women want you to know about fashion.

Accessorize With Hats

Many people describe Southern women as Little Miss Sunshines, as their warm friendliness brightens up a space. In the summertime, the South gains even more sunshine, making hats a wardrobe must-have. Whether you rock a classic cowboy hat or a fancy fedora, a hat makes a great multifunctional accessory. A hat protects you from the sun and adds a stylish adornment to your look.

Know That Comfort Can Be Chic

It’s no secret that Southern women know how to both dress down for a day outdoors and doll up for a classy event. When they aren’t wearing sophisticated cocktail dresses and looking like true Southern belles, Southern women dress for comfort. While attending sports games, strolling along the beach, and running errands around town, Southern women retire their boots and heels for more practical and comfortable footwear.

Boutique tennis shoes make comfort chic, giving you stylish kicks with functional properties. Of course, getting dolled up and letting out your inner Southern belle charm is fun. However, getting cozy lets you enjoy other staples of the Southern culture, from tailgates to plenty of outdoor adventures.

Don’t Hide Your Southern Pride

Between their extroverted friendliness and their unapologetic confidence, people from the South are known to have big personalities. As an ode to their vibrancy, bright colors and bold prints are a staple in Southern fashion.

Your outfits should show off your physical and inner beauty, accentuating your looks and showing off slivers of your personality. So slip on your cowboy hats and boots, stand out with bright colors and prints, and don’t hide your Southern pride.

Embrace the beauty, versatility, and charm of Southern style. Implement these three things Southern women want you to know about fashion and start dressing like a stylish Southerner in no time.

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