6 Accessories That Will Make a Good Outfit a Stunning One

Homey decorative pieces complete a room’s interior. Icing dresses up a bare cake. Makeup accentuates one’s natural beauty. From how you style your home to how you get ready for the day, adding some embellishments enhances what you started with.

Accessories give you the perfect final touches to an outfit. With some fashionable adornments, you can transform a simple look into one worthy of chef kisses. Make a good outfit a stunning one with these must-have accessories.

Skinny Scarves

Did you know scarves are more than just functional winter gear? Skinny scarves return to the fashion scene with the ever-growing Y2K style trend. Although dormant since the early 2000s, skinny scarves are back as if they never left, accessorizing summer and spring outfits with fun colors, textures, and flowy lengths.

The most effective way to style skinny scarves involves wrapping them around your neck once and letting the long tail ends hang parallel in the front or back. The long hanging strips of scarf add vertical direction to your outfit, lengthening the look of your torso and making you seem taller. Wearing them toward the back also adds movement to your look. As you walk, the scarf ends sway, flow, and move like a cape, adding a statement and attraction to your outfit.

Other ways to style a skinny scarf include:

  • Tying it in a loose bow
  • Throwing one end over the shoulder
  • Wearing it as a belt

Skinny scarves best complement long jackets, blazers, and pants as they highlight the lengths of each piece and elongate your stature. For a classic and sophisticated European aesthetic, pair the scarf with a beret or large sunglasses.

Bandana Handkerchief

Floral bandannas are a must-have hair accessory, especially during spring, summer, and fall. You can style bandannas in many different ways, giving you plenty of looks to try. The most popular way to wear a floral bandana is by folding it in half to form a triangle, letting the point fall over the back of your head, and tying the other two points together, wrapping around your hair. Other common ways to style a bandana handkerchief include:

  • Rolling it like a headband
  • Using it like a ribbon
  • Creating a little cap
  • Tying it under your chin

Adding some fabric to your hair softens your look with smooth textures—especially when it’s a silk bandana—and brings color and shape to your head, giving you a complete head-to-toe look.

Straw Hat

Like bandannas, hats adorn the top of your head, completing your outfit from top to bottom. Straw hats give you a fun texture to style and emanate varying aesthetics, depending on their design type. Straw fedoras give off a boho and hipster style essence. As a boat and skimmer hat, straw hats transport you to the 19th century, styling a vintage-inspired look. Rocking a straw cowboy hat gives you a classic Southern look.

No matter the aesthetic you create, straw hats are also the epitome of cozy summer looks. Their earthy material and texture exude a more casual essence—after all, they were originally designed for those out on the farm. This makes them a great way to tone down the formality of a more done-up look. Wear a straw hat to change up your look’s stylistic aesthetic and enjoy a more casual, summery fit.

Hoop Earrings

From dances to paintings, shapes play an important part in all art forms. Whether a distinct square or a more abstract geometric, any shape adds visual detail, pleasing the eye. Hoop earrings are a great way to add shapes to your outfit. Traditional hoop earrings are circular, contrasting with sharp jaws and cheekbones, making them more prominent. The hoops also generate positive and negative space with their center gap and distinct outline.

If your outfit features buttons or polka dots, hoops will make their circular shape stand out. For looks featuring more harsh lines—blazers, long pants, or stripes—the circle hoops adds a softer-edged shape, toning down and complementing the straight lines. Playing around with shapes in your outfit generates multiple different looks and visual appeal. Emphasizing the shapes and lines of your outfit further defines your look, making it stand out.

Simple Bangles

Another shape-enhancing piece of jewelry worth accessorizing with is bangles. Adorning your wrists covers up any negative and bare space in your outfit. Bracelets fill the emptiness of your wrists, making your outfit look complete and whole. Bangles are simple bracelets that can be worn on their own or stacked. Their circular design adds shape to your look, enhancing your outfit with more than just a bit of sparkle or color.

Bangles come in many colors, materials, and thicknesses. Each variation offers a different aesthetic and look. Plastic-colored bangles are an ode to the 2000s, giving off Y2K vibes. Thin, colorful bangles provide a more eclectic look, especially when stacked with other bangles in different hues. A thick, plain gold bangle exudes luxuriousness, adding class and sophistication to your outfit. Explore accessorizing with various types of bangles and accentuate your outfit in many ways.

Embellished Handbags

Handbags are a two-in-one accessory—functional and fashionable. Handbags come in many forms, providing different functions and looks. Embellished boutique handbags make a statement, making them the perfect accessory for a simple outfit.

Whether embroidered, beaded, or tasseled, embellished bags attract attention with all their little features. The embellishments bring texture and visual details to your outfits, adorning your look with intricate and fashionable detailing. Embellished handbags—big, small, clutch, or tote—add art to your outfit, transforming a simple one into a bold, stylish look.

Does your outfit feel and look like it’s missing something? Accessories enhance your outfit, similar to how chocolate sweetens a sundae; they add some new flavor. Make a good outfit a stunning one with these must-have accessories. From shapes to textures, these accessories bring lots of detailing features to your look, enhancing other components of your outfit as well as adding more. Accessories fill in the missing pieces, making your outfit more complete.

Whether you want to accessorize with boutique handbags or gold hoops, check out Two Cumberland’s selection of accessories. We’ve got all kinds of stylish solutions that’ll adorn your outfit and transform your look from good to even better.

6 Accessories That Will Make a Good Outfit a Stunning One

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