Vintage Trends That Will Take Over in 2023

Vintage Trends That Will Take Over in 2023

Aging well involves many steps, lots of sunscreen, healthy habits, and maybe some magic—unless you’re vintage clothing. The beginning of 2020 resurrected many blasts from the past, returning for another walk on the runway. Two years deep into the new century, throwback fashion continues to dominate the fashion world. Certain fashion designs just age well, if not better than before.

Along with Y2K trends, many other vintage (yes, the 2000s are vintage) fashion concepts take center stage in many runway designs. Popular designers like Donatella Versace, Bottega Veneta, and Fendi featured historic fashion styles in their upcoming spring and summer collections that will regain the limelight next year. Here are eight predicted vintage trends that will take over in 2023.

Fringe Detailing

Tassel dresses have significant ties to the Great Gatsby era. Many people typically associate them with flapper girls. This 1920s fringe trend returns once again, and it aged finely. It featured in Proenza Schouler, Versace, PatBO, and Bronx & Banco’s recent collection and came in many variations, from full fringe dresses to netted tassel shirts. Whether you plan on attending some cocktail parties or want to rock a netted and fun swimsuit cover next year, add some fringed pieces to your 2023 wardrobe.

Corsets and Bodices

Between Bridgerton and cottagecore trends, the hype around regency and Victorian fashion gave corsets and bodices a gateway back into society. Although most modernized alternatives allow people to breathe a lot easier in them, corsets still taper one’s body. They also sit on the outside of clothes or come attached to a garment, as opposed to their traditional counterparts.

Modernized bodices also come in many other variations, including sheer alternatives, as displayed in dresses at Versace’s Milan fashion week show. Corsets, bustiers, and bodices appeared fervently in this year’s fall and winter collections. Many predict that they’ll continue to claim a spot in next year’s fashion trends alongside other Victorian fashion concepts.

Silk Slip Nightgowns

Slip dresses originated as a 20th-century nightgown and undergarment. In the ‘90s, they transformed into elegant, simple formal wear. Now they join corsets in this decade’s fashion trend of underwear-as-outerwear. They produce a dainty appearance, capturing light and shimmering, somewhat glass-like. The thin fabric of silk or like-minded materials also creates a soft and innocent aesthetic. Silk slips work well on their own or as a top layer to shirts and tights.

Fit and Flare Babydolls

Babydolls date all the way back to the 1940s. Like slips, they originated as nightgowns designed by Sylvia Pedlar, who used the shortage of materials during the war to create short flowy dresses. They grew in popularity as a dress in the ‘60s, rebelling against the ideals of women needing hourglass figures. Now, they hold a more fairytale appeal, offering boisterous sleeves and poufy skirt layers. Now they go by the name selkies, after the magical folklore creature. As cottagcore and whimsical aesthetics continue to attract people, babydoll dresses will persist.

Denim on Denim

Denim on denim is a hit or miss for some people. In the eyes of John Galliano, it’s a 2000s must-have. After a brief prelude, the Y2K fashion phenomenon returns with minimal aging effects (aside from some who swore never to go back).

Burberry, Blumarine, and Diesel reignited the denim craze with multiple jean garments in their runway 2023 collections. For next year, they want to see head-to-toe denim and chunkier, square jeans—despite the pleas of skinny jean millennials. Some denim trends to look out for include:

  • Two-toned jeans
  • Denim mini skirts
  • Cargo jeans
  • Baggy jeans

Gothic Glamour

Are you caught up on the latest hype surrounding Netflix’s Wednesday series? If not, study up before the new year arrives because gothic glamour is looking hot. Wednesday and Morticia Addams reign as goth couture royals, sporting black dresses with classic vintage styles—fitted dresses, smart apparel, and conservative sleeves and lengths.

Dior and Versace both produced a chillingly beautiful 2023 spring and summer ready-to-wear collection. They take classic gothic fashion elements, from monochrome color schemes to lace and Victorian-inspired pieces, and turn them into glamourous wardrobe pieces. Wednesday actress Jenna Ortega even sported one of Versace’s gothic dresses at the show’s premiere, further promoting the appeal of the dark aesthetic for the upcoming year’s trends.

Wedges and Platforms

Fendi showed off many wedge variations in their latest 2023 runway show, predicting the rise of this vintage shoe’s return. Wedged heels first came to fruition between the 1930s and 1940s, as certain materials used in traditional heels ran low while cork accessibility ran high. They provide a more stable lift and come in different style alternatives.

In tandem with wedges, platforms also return as the vintage shoe trend of the future. Similarly to wedges, they provide a stable lift in height and first debuted in the 1930s. They are notable for their chunky bases. Adding both heeled shoes to your footwear collection for next year keeps you on trend with the rise of vintage fashion.

Short Shoulder Bags

Carrie Bradshaw, who continues to age like fine wine, famously carried a particular type of bag with her as she fashionably took over New York City: the monumental Fendi Baguette. This notable handbag captured many fashionistas in the ‘90s. Its petite shape matched with a range of outfits and added a cute touch to one’s upper body appearance.

Bradshaw’s signature short shoulder handbag returns to the center of fashion as it joins the list of vintage concepts resurrecting in the new year. Compared to other shoulder bags, short shoulder handbags resemble clutches with their petit shape and short straps. However, it comes with more carrying practicality. With the handbag’s return, 2023 will be seeing a lot more Bradshaw-inspired outfits.

The vintage trends that will take over in 2023 have already dominated a particular era. Fringes reigned in the 1920s, denim rocked in the 2000s, and corsets featured during Victorian times. Now the popular trends of the past return, ready to battle it out in the 2023 fashion scene.

Whether you plan to leave the past behind or reclaim some of these blasts from the past, Two Cumberland offers a range of trendy wardrobe pieces to explore. Our selection of boutique handbags even features the vintage short shoulder bag. Check out our boutique inventory and keep your stylish streak going strong well into the next year.

Vintage Trends That Will Take Over in 2023

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