5 Casual Chic Outfit Ideas for Winter

5 Casual Chic Outfit Ideas for Winter

There are many ways to turn up the heat in winter, from sipping hot cocoa to sitting by the fireside. The clothes you wear also affect your warmth. Staying warm in winter involves wearing a lot of layers. They act as a protective cover from the cold and make you feel cozy, comfortable, and warm on the inside. Double up your warmth this winter with these five casual chic winter outfit ideas that'll keep you feeling toasty.

1. Leggings and an Oversized Sweater

Leggings and an oversized sweater are winter's ultimate classic casual pairing. They provide maximum mobility, comfort, and other practical qualities. They create an effortless, go-to casual look that also radiates fashionable flair. For a more chic appearance, pair your classic winter duo with a pair of knee-high boots and a scarf. For a more casual alternative, replace the boots with a pair of sneakers and keep the embellishments simple.

2. Preppy Layered Tops and Jeans

Jeans often find themselves in the middle of many dress code debates. They can be dressed down or up. Pair your favorite jeans with a collared blouse styled under a pullover sweater to create a preppy casual winter look. To really hone in on a more casual aesthetic, style the outfit with some sneakers.

3. Dress and Sweater Combo

Many people assume winter and dresses don't go together, so they pack up their collection to hibernate as temperatures dip lower. However, layering a sweater on top of your dress gives you a warm, multilayered outfit that also looks chic and casual. This pair creates a fashionable two-piece look that keeps you warm underneath the layered fabrics. To further turn up the heat and make the outfit more casual, switch the sweater for a hoodie and throw on some tennis shoes.

4. Hoodie, Jeans, and a Coat

Speaking of hoodies, pairing a thick hoodie with jeans and a top coat creates the ultimate casual winter look. Hoodies and jeans are two distinct symbols of casual attire. Put them together, and you get a cozy, laid-back look. Adding a top coat adds a chic touch and extra warmth to the look.

5. Oversized Flannel Jacket

Winter lumberjack apparel is a hit-or-miss option for many, but the classic checkerboard pattern is a winter staple that offers practical qualities. Wearing an oversized flannel as a jacket over sweaters or long-sleeve shirts helps you create a cozy bundled outfit. The checkered pattern also creates a comfortable and casual winter look that will help you stay warm throughout the season.

These five casual chic winter outfit ideas will keep you feeling toasty in many ways. They amp your outfit's comfort and keep you bundled up as temperatures dip low. Dressing casually also allows you to navigate the cold with ease. Check out Two Cumberland's selection of boutique sneakers online to find the perfect casual shoe for your cozy winter fits. We sell various sneaker types, from hightops to chunky platforms. Dress warm, casual, and chic this winter with Two Cumberland.

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