Is the High-Waisted Shorts & Pants Trend Here To Stay?

Is the High-Waisted Shorts & Pants Trend Here To Stay?

High-waisted shorts and pants first entered the fashion scene in the late ‘90s. They then rose to popularity again in the mid-2010s. The high-rise style has maintained its place in the design industry, people’s closet, and must-have lists ever since. Now, the latest trends point toward blasts from the past, bringing in competitors and shifting people’s views. Is the high-waisted shorts and pants trend here to stay? Or will it be put on the back burner in the upcoming year?

Benefits of High-Waisted Bottoms

High-waisted pants and shorts offer many benefits and styling opportunities. They sit above the hips, stopping and tapering in mid-torso. Plus, it creates a more visible hourglass figure, cinching the waist and accentuating the hips. High-rise cuts also produce the illusion of longer legs and seamless transitions between your outfit’s top and bottom halves.

Many people also enjoy high-waisted bottoms because they pair well with crop tops while still covering the tummy. They make cropped clothing more conservative and suitable for various places and occasions. The various benefits of high-waisted pants and shorts maintained the trend’s relevance this far, providing hope for a longer run in the fashion industry.

Low-Rise vs. High-Rise

High-waisted bottoms’ biggest competitor is low-rise alternatives. In the 2000s, low-rise jeans, miniskirts, and joggers outranked high-rise cuts. They now play a quintessential role in the Y2K style aesthetic as a monumental fashion concept of that era. As Y2K continues to return as throwback trends reappear, many fear or hope that the low-rise will once again reign supreme over their high-waisted variations.

Low-rises elongate the torso and flirtatiously display hip bones. Many people find low-rises more comfortable around the stomach as it provides less restriction. Meanwhile, others claim them to be less comfortable because they don’t always sit well and risk dropping below the belt.

Future Trend Predictions

More recently, a new cut joined the debate between high- and low-rise bottoms. V cuts provide a mix of high- and low-rise benefits. They accentuate the hip, cinch the waist, and sit high on the torso, but they also expose the belly button and elongate the torso. As a bonus, the center dip of skin exposure makes the hips look rounder and creates the illusion of a tapered tummy.

Although the V cut provides an in-between of low- and high-rise bottoms, many people still keep a pair of high-waisted boutique shorts in their closet. Similarly, one low-rise set in the wardrobe offers its benefits.

The high-waisted shorts and pants trend is here to stay as it offers a stylish option and allows you to alternate between the other cuts. They also provide benefits that continue to attract fashionistas, keeping them in constant demand. Keeping a pair of high-rise bottoms in your closet expands your styling options, allows you to reap the benefits they offer, and stocks your closet with a timeless trend.

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