The Newest Color Trends To Watch for This Year

The Newest Color Trends To Watch for This Year

2023 has sprung into action with lots of fashionable fun to look forward to throughout the year. As fashion continues to spread its wings and explores new artistic heights, trends shift in many directions, including the shades of upcoming seasons. Here are some of the newest color trends to watch for this year.

Color Contrasts

Last year, neon hues ruled the warmer seasons, embodying the colors, essence, and joy of spring and summer. This year, vibrant tones continue to shine through. In 2022's New York Fashion Week, many 2023 spring and summer collections showed the fashion world's desire to explore, experiment, and celebrate fearlessness. Color palettes that hit the runway radiated with lively contrasting hues.

Primary reds, yellows, and blues mixed with other potent tones, such as green, orange, and violet. They produced blends that reached new fashion heights. The more color and vibrancy, the better. 2023 is the year to experiment.

Expressional Tones

Colors are more than just pretty visuals. In interior design, hues transform a room. They affect the atmosphere. Fashion designers are emphasizing the same transformational power of colors in their designs more than ever, using colors to generate and express certain moods.

Pastels are soft, calming, and gentle. Neon clothing expresses outgoing and daring moods. And, as you might guess, earthy tones generate expressions of down-to-earth and free-flowing vibes. This year, connect color with your mood.

Shiny Metallics

Since the 2020s arrived, Y2K fashion has ruled as one of the most sought-after trends. Along with throwback staples, such as bucket hats, crocs, and Juicy Couture joggers, shiny metallic pieces are back. Wearing a bit of shine captures the light, making you glow with Y2K youth and bold looks. To really embrace the throwback, add some metallics to your look with sleek gold or silver puffer jackets.

Hyper Pastels

Pastels come and go as the seasons change. They’re the annual go-to palette for the spring and summer months. This year, the popular soft shades come with a twist. Hyper pastels provide a faded pastel version of neon hues. They’re vibrant without being loud. Combining a mix of hyper pastels, including soft neon greens, faded highlighter yellow, and cotton candy pinks, creates the ultimate energetic color scheme.

Mellow Neutrals

If you aren't a huge fan of bold looks, don't worry. Although a major theme of 2023 color trends is the presence of loud and bright shades, there’s still room for toned-down hues. Mellow neutrals like soft, warm beiges and faded greens give you a more down-to-earth color palette.

The newest color trends to watch for this year are color contrasts, expressional tones, hyper pastels, and mellow neutrals. They provide a diverse mix to invigorate your 2023. If you want fun, colorful bottoms to work into your outfit, check out Two Cumberland’s selection of ladies' shorts online. We have lots of pastels, fierce and fashionable contrasting shades, and a blend of vibrant and mellow hues to add to your wardrobe.

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