3 Skirt Hacks To Help Keep It in Place

3 Skirt Hacks To Help Keep It in Place

Skirts exude femininity, class, and more. It’s a fashion piece that features in many iconic looks, from boss babe vibes and free-flowing boho warrior to the Clueless matching checkered set and many two-piece red carpet looks. Skirts are a fashion must-have. However, like pants, they tend to ride up, and like dresses, they are susceptible to the wind. Here are three hacks to help keep your skirt in place.

1. Weigh the Skirt Down at the Hem

Be gone with the wind—and its devious efforts to show the secrets beneath your skirt—with a hem weight. Flowy skirts look whimsical in the wind, bellowing and angelically fluttering. However, too much up-draft transforms you from a fairytale princess to Marilyn Monroe standing over a road vent. Hem weights make it harder for sudden strong gusts to lift your skirt. It keeps your skirt in place and grounded while still giving them mobility to twirl and flutter.

2. Increase Friction With an Underlayer

Like gravity, friction is your best friend when keeping your skirt in place. The more friction, the less movement. Make it hard for your skirt to slip and slide with an underlayer of added fabrics. Popular and seamless bottom layers to wear beneath a skirt without bulking up your appearance include:

  • Cycling shorts
  • Fleece tights
  • Shapewear
  • (Modernized) petticoats

The added layer supplies your skirt with a textured surface to rub against, generates friction, and keeps the skirt in place.

3. Wear a Belt (Even Without Designated Loops)

A belt is a practical accessory that helps your clothes fit better. Although most skirt designs skip the designated loopholes, many belts, like elastic or chain belts, don’t require them to stay secure. Wearing a belt—with or without loops—anchors down your skirt’s waistband. It prevents your skirt from riding up or falling down.

Skirts come in many variations, differing in length, color, shape, and fabric. Some designs lead to more skirt movement, while others naturally stay in place. They provide a fun, flirty, and chic style that exudes femininity.

At Two Cumberland, our selection of women’s skirts online gives you a variety of styles to explore and add to your skirt collection. With a piece from our boutique and these three hacks to help keep your skirt in place, you can better enjoy styling and wearing these wardrobe must-haves without battling wind and sliding fabrics.

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