4 Things You Should Always Keep in Your Handbag

4 Things You Should Always Keep in Your Handbag

No fashionista is complete without a handbag at their side. Purses, clutches, totes, and other fashionable bags accessorize outfits with style and practicality. They allow you to carry multiple essentials without sacrificing your look for functionality. Handbags give you the best of both worlds.

Here are four things you should always keep in your handbag to stay stylishly prepared while strutting down your everyday runways.

On-the-Go Sanitation Supplies

Avoid the midday ickiness with some on-the-go sanitation supplies. Whether you’re treating yourself to a meal in town or commuting to work, hand sanitizer, wipes, and some extra tissues are always good to have.

A stock of sanitation supplies, including things like wipes, deodorant, and extra period products, keeps you safe and fresh throughout the day, making your experience out and about more enjoyable. Plus, between accidental coffee spills, sticky public surfaces, and allergies, keeping some sanitation items on hand prepares you for many possible on-the-go scenarios.

Backup Batteries and Chargers

Cell phones have multiple essential abilities. They provide navigational help, necessary information on local stores and restaurants, communication capabilities, camera and video recording opportunities, and music, among many other functions.

Keeping backup chargers and battery power boxes in your bag ensures you stay plugged in while you’re on any daily adventure. They maintain your access to your cell, sustaining your phone’s energy.

Portable Miniature First Aid Box

Are you accident prone? Do you often get blisters? Are you susceptible to headaches? Portable miniature first aid boxes allow you to administer fast and temporary aid to many ailments. No matter the minor emergency, a first aid box allows you to patch yourself up.

Many stores and pharmacies sell prepackaged first aid kits, but you can always customize one yourself. Some essential first aid items to keep in stock include bandages; antibiotic cream, spray, or wipes; pain relief medication; and gauze and tape sets.

Fashion and Beauty Emergency Kit

Along with first aid crises, there are also fashion and beauty emergencies, from clothing tears and stains to smudged makeup and chapped lips. Putting together and packing a fashion and beauty emergency kit in your handbag gives you access to your dressing room and vanity while away from home.

Essentials for a fashion and beauty emergency kit include:

  • A portable sewing kit (needle and thread)
  • Fashion tape
  • Travel-size daily makeup
  • Stain-removing pens or pads
  • Roll-on perfume
  • Makeup wipes

Make the most of your stylish and practical accessories with these four things you should always keep in your handbag. Whether you keep emergency kits or carry backup chargers and sanitation supplies, you can find many ways to stay fashionably prepared while out of the house.

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