Finding the Most Flattering Sweater for Your Body Type

Finding the Most Flattering Sweater for Your Body Type

Because of cold weather, sweaters remain a must-have wardrobe piece. They provide warmth, coziness, and a cute alternative to long-sleeve tees. They come in many variations, providing you with multiple styling options to explore and cater to your figure. Find the most flattering sweater for your body type with these three fashion tips, and bring a perfect new addition to your wardrobe.

High vs. Low Necklines

Necklines play an important role in creating ideal body proportions and shapes. They shorten and elongate the torso and neck for better or worse. High-neck sweaters, such as turtlenecks, elongate torsos but shorten the length of your neck visually. When bulky around the neckline, high-neck sweaters also affect your face shape. Chunky cowl neck sweaters, which provide both high and bulky necklines, best suit people with sharp chins and jawlines. They soften the edges of your face while complementing the elongation of the torso and shortening of the neck.

On the other hand, low and deep v-necklines elongate necks and shorten the lower half of torsos. The v-shape cut also accentuates the bust and chest area. It provides little support for those with bustier body types but also complements their curviness. Depending on the cut and bra you wear, low necklines can accentuate the chest area for those with smaller busts as well.

Oversized vs. Cropped

Oversized and cropped sweaters affect your body's vertical and horizontal visual lengths. Oversized sweaters are super cozy, providing lots of material to wrap yourself up and snuggle in. However, the added material comes with both benefits and disadvantages. It gives you added warmth and coverage but also risks making you look bulky or like you're drowning in fabric. Oversized sweaters are great for curvier figures and those with smaller shoulders to complement the body in the right places.

Cropped sweaters pair well with high-waisted leggings. They elongate your legs but shorten your torso and complement a range of body types. Crop tops accentuate the assets of a curvy frame and add shape to more athletic and straight figures with their sharp-edged cuts.

Chunky vs. Fine Knits

Chunky knit sweaters epitomize cold-weather cozy fashion, especially when oversized. They’re thick and often come with detailed knitting designs on the surface. Depending on the embellishments and fabric, chunky sweaters risk adding extra bulkiness to your shape. And, like oversized sweaters, they risk making some figures look like they're drowning in a ball of wool. They best suit long vertical figures.

Fine knits are the opposite of chunky sweaters. They don't add bulk to your figure. They just accentuate, especially when they’re tighter. Fine knits suit a range of body types but best fit hourglass shapes. The thin fabric allows you to show off your curves and cinched waist, enhancing your figure's outline.

Sweater weather is still here, giving you plenty of reason to add more of these cozy knits to your wardrobe. No matter your body type, you can rock sweaters well with the right style decisions. Shop Two Cumberland's women's boutique tops online with these three tips in mind to find the most flattering sweater for your body type.

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