5 Cute & Casual Work Outfits for the Office

Does your office offer lots of dress code flexibility? Not being confined to generic, formal office wear allows you to indulge in fashionable creativity and reshape your work experience daily. What you wear to the office affects your workday in many ways, defining more than just your appearance. The perfect work outfit maximizes your strengths and enhances your work conditions, helping you achieve success. Check out five cute and casual work outfits for the office to return to work after your summer vacation in style.

Shirt Dresses With Boots

Is it a shirt? Is it a dress? No, it’s a shirt dress—a chic, comfortable, and flowy one-piece perfect for fall and casual office wear, especially when worn with boots. Shirt dresses offer many attractive qualities, from versatility to comfort. You can style them in many ways to maximize your office confidence. Whether a long button-down or a giant plain tee, all shirt dresses are great office outfit options that make you look chic and feel comfortable, no matter how stressful work is.

Printed Maxi Skirts and Basic Tees

Traditional office wear typically consists of plain and neutral designs. Switching things up with a printed maxi skirt adds more color and artistic detail to your workday and space. In the South, we love our prints because they mirror our sunshine and bold personalities. Prints and patterns add creativity and fun to any look and space. Brighten your workday and expand your mobility with a colorful and extravagant printed maxi skirt. Complete the look with a basic tee to counterbalance the statement your skirt creates.

Jumpsuits and Heels

Jumpsuits are a one-and-done outfit—perfect for streamlining your getting-ready process for work. On top of being a practical and efficient way to dress, jumpsuits offer many benefits that can further enhance your time in the office. Jumpsuits maximize your mobility, provide adequate cover, and look super chic. Pairing heels with your jumpsuit adds extra flair to your look, giving you a fun and causal work outfit that’ll ignite your confidence.

Loose Button-Downs With Jeans

Jeans are the epitome of casual wear. These versatile clothing garments work great in many different scenarios, from outdoor cookouts and family picnics to movie dates and brunch. Jeans are simple pants with a unique look and design. Whether you prefer high-waisted, bell-bottom, or straight-cut jeans, any pair offers comfort, practicality, and style fit for a chic, casual work look. To dress up the outfit for a more professional aesthetic and enhanced comfort, match the jeans with a loose button-down shirt.

Skirt, Shirt, and an Oversized Shacket

A high-waisted skirt, tucked tee, and oversized outer coat outfit ensemble is the ultimate chic look. Skirts dress up your outfit. A basic tucked tee is comfortable and chic. And an oversized shacket offers more comfort as well as practical perks, keeping you warm in a chilly indoor office.

Take on your workday in comfort, confidence, and style with these cute and casual work outfits for the office and fashionable finds from Two Cumberland. Our Southern boutique clothing online offers all the essential pieces for these chic office outfits and more. Explore our online closet, or visit us in person and enhance your workdays with the best work outfit for you.

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