Why on Earth Are Ugly Sneakers So Popular Right Now?

Have you seen some questionable footwear going around? Whether it’s Crocs or chunky dad sneakers, “ugly” footwear has made its place in the fashion world. As with many controversial trends—low-rise bottoms, micro miniskirts, mullets—ugly footwear divides the population. This questionable trend stirs up a lot of fashionable debates between those who love it and those who want to bury it. So, why on earth are ugly sneakers so popular right now? Let’s explore some of the reasons why people are backing up the gaudy trend.

Prioritizing Comfort

Although the two can intertwine, people often pull style and comfort to opposite ends of the spectrum. After all, as the age-old saying goes, “Beauty is pain.” The ugly sneaker trend takes a stance in comfort’s corner. Ugly footwear such as the classic dad sneakers—chunky and plain sneakers—prioritizes comfort over style in design. Thick soles provide added cushioning, perfect for long days at the theme park or walking around in town. The simplistic design of chunky sneakers also makes them easy to wear, providing slip-on-and-off ease. With wellness as one of the key goals of the 2020s, comfort takes priority.

Other forms of trendy ugly footwear that prioritize comfort are Crocs and Birkenstocks. Both shoes are also easy to wear and offer ergonomic design features.

Embracing Individuality

In today’s modern society, being different isn’t odd or ostracizing—being different means embracing individuality. What makes you unique makes you, well, you! Wearing ugly sneakers embraces the idea of individuality—it promotes beauty in differences. Ugly sneakers go against the norm and exude a lot of eye-catching characteristics that stand out against the crowd, making them unique and special in all the right ways.

Rebelling Against Standards

Over the years, people have set impossible, stringent, and high standards for beauty and fashion. What society considers the ideal beauty and style is exclusive and very limited. Ugly sneakers take a stance against rigid beauty standards. After all, people only call them ugly because they differ from the standards. Wearing ugly sneakers rebels against traditional fashion and beauty standards and appreciates beauty in all forms.

Clinging to Nolstagia

Ugly sneakers first rose to fame in none other than the Y2K era. Chunky sneakers and various platform shoes were one of the “it” fashion trends from the ‘90s to the early 2000s. The reason behind the shoes’ first rise in fame still holds many mysteries, but in today’s era, chunky ugly sneakers are trending because of their nostalgic touch. As people continue to glorify and cling to all things Y2K and throwback, every trend from that era returns to the spotlight. People are clinging to nostalgia, making ugly sneakers a current popular trend.

Ugly sneakers are popular right now for many reasons. Whether you want to join in on the ugly trend or stick to your usual comfort fashion zone, Two Cumberland offers a diverse selection of women’s boutique shoes that give you plenty of footwear to explore. From chunky ugly dad sneakers to southern booties, we’ve got plenty of shoes worth trying and adding to your collection. Shop today and switch up your sneaker game.

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