8 Women-Owned Clothing Brands You Should Know About

From enforcing and establishing societal expectations to embodying self-expression, fashion played and continues to play an influential role in women's lives. Women also play an integral part in the fashion world itself. Many powerful and creative women use and enhance fashion to express their creativity, values, and goals. Women and fashion are tightly intertwined in many ways.

Women-owned clothing brands are the epitome of that intertwinement—the result of women influencing fashion and vice versa. Explore how women and fashion have changed each other’s lives. Indulge in your love for style and support women by checking out these women-owned clothing brands you should know about.

Powerhouse Designer Brand: Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney is a powerhouse, women-owned designer brand that frequently takes center stage on many major runway shows and fashion magazines. Stella McCartney's brand was founded by and designed for women, further strengthening the connection between women and fashion.

The Stella McCartney brand covers it all, from shoes to swimwear. Whether you want to upgrade your fashion game with a luxury accessory, everyday wear essential, or an occasional statement piece, Stella McCartney offers something for everyone and every occasion.

Sustainable Timeless Fashion: Eileen Fisher

Eileen Fisher is a women-owned brand that designs sustainable and timeless wardrobe pieces. Eileen Fisher uses fashion as a means to express more than just a person's looks or personality.

The Eileen Fisher brand signifies environmental activism, highlighting the importance of sustainable fashion practices. Women who wear Eileen Fisher join in on the environmental stance, all while wearing timeless clothing styles. Fisher's notable simplistic designs make great wardrobe essentials and style many possible looks, from professional attire to cozy everyday wear.

Vibrant Boho: Ulla Johnson

Ulla Johnson is a women-owned clothing brand that plays with colors and prints in a way that radiates personality. Ulla Johnson designs vibrant boho-aesthetic clothing featuring lots of different characteristic details and charm. You can find florals, pleats, flowy garments, and many geometric lines and shapes.

Ulla Johnson's brand exemplifies the power of women's fashionable creativity. When women tap into their creativity, they bring to light new perspectives and innovation. Ulla Johnson is a brand that allows women to do just that and look stylish while doing so.

Ethereal Embodiment: Hansen & Gretel

Hansen & Gretel's brand focuses on the philosophy of women and the balance of yin and yang energies. Most clothing designs in this women-owned brand encapsulate the idea of womanhood and the many journeys women embark on. Hansen & Gretel's brand creates ethereal fashion pieces that enhance, embody, and capture all that it is to be a woman. Although primarily for women, Hansen & Gretel also offers some menswear items, contributing to the Yin and Yang philosophy that serves as the brand’s foundation.

A Textile Love Story: ace&jig

Are you a fan of fun textiles? So is ace&jig—a women-owned clothing brand that embraces fashion creativity and fibers. This brand explores a large and diverse array of patterns and prints in textile materials, from stripes to checkers to polka dots, producing unique statement wardrobe pieces.

Like many women-owned clothing brands, ace&jig implements a lot of values in their relationship with fashion, dedicating themselves to fair trade, community involvement, charity, and sustainability. Ace&jig is a multifaceted clothing brand that gives you fun outfit options, from puzzle-printed playsuits to quilted dusters with circular wheel prints. The ace&jig brand combines creativity with a love of textiles.

Sophisticated Femininity: Zimmermann

Zimmermann is a women-owned brand with a vision to create sophisticated femininity. Women have been picked on for many years for coming across as delicate. Once upon a time, femininity wasn't seen as a positive trait. Throwing or running like a girl meant you were weak. Women who cried too much were seen as too delicate. With Zimmerman's brand, feminity exudes positive attributes like beauty, confidence, and imaginative creativity. Zimmerman uses fashion to reshape the perspective on femininity.

With pastel hues, whimsical florals, frills, and delicate lacing, Zimmermann's clothes explore the many classic characteristics of femininity. Zimmermann's design style complements many aesthetics like cottagecore, retro, and soft glamor. For clothing that enhances your femininity, Zimmermann is the women-owned clothing brand for you.

Women Empowerment: Tory Burch

Tory Birch is a renowned luxury brand that influences women and fashion in many ways. Tory Burch uses global design insights that redefine entrepreneurial women's fashion, breaking free from certain expectations and limitations of women in the workplace. Tory Burch's designs feature a mix of fun prints and sophisticated simplicity, producing a diverse wardrobe collection for powerful women. Although popular for its bags and sandals, the Tory Burch brand also offers various clothes, accessories, and swimwear, empowering women in many stylish means.

Cozy Handcrafts: Mou Boots

Mou is a women-owned clothing brand that specializes in comfortable handcrafted footwear. Their signature look is soft, comfortable fluff. From their boots to sandals, all of Mous shoes contain soft, fluffy padding. Their collection includes sneakers, boots, sandals, moccasins, clogs, flatforms, and joggers. All of their products feature premium natural fibers and sheep wool, making them great for cooler seasonal wear. With Mou shoes, women can unwind in comfort while still repping a stylish look.

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8 Women-Owned Clothing Brands You Should Know About

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