4 Hot Fashion Trends To Take Back to School in 2023

Are you ready to take on the new school year in style? You can enhance your classroom confidence with trendy back-to-school looks. Check out four 2023 hot fashion trends to take back to school and enhance your new academic year with outfits that encourage you to shine.

Mix-Matched Prints

Are you a pattern dare-devil? Many people avoid prints and patterns for fear of creating visual clutter. However, a common 2023 theme is to step out of your comfort zone and embrace your individuality. Mixing and matching patterns allow you to curate a visual collage of your personality in a bold, stylish statement.

Style Tip

Avoid clashing prints by using colors to anchor and coordinate the two patterns together, and play around with different print sizes.

Ruffles and Tiers

Whether you got into the Queen Charlotte Bridgerton series or are on the period drama hype train, regency fashion influences are a popular 2023 trend. Although it’s not a full fashion throwback with petti skirts and corsets, ruffles and tiers bring back some regency fashion flair into modern outfits. Wearing tiered or ruffled boutique skirts gives you flowy, classy, and subtle regal looks with a modern-day twist.

Two-Piece Sets

Two-piece sets look put together and professional—perfect for a school environment. Although two-piece outfit sets are similar to suits, they offer a lot more fashionable flexibility. Two-piece sets often feature more color, prints, and style variations than a matching suit set but still give you a more formal, dolled-up appearance.

Baggy and Oversized

Style your back-to-school looks with baggy and oversized pieces for a more casual and cozy outfit. Baggy clothing gives you a relaxed street-wear-inspired look that’s climbing the ranks in 2023 fashion trends. As relaxed and loose garments, baggy clothing offers lots of comfort qualities. Cozy outfits give you one less thing to worry about while in class, allowing you to stay focused and on task.

Head back to school in style with these hot 2023 fashion trends and wardrobe pieces from your favorite southern fashion boutique, Two Cumberland. From tiered boutique skirts to matching two-piece sets, we cover all the trends in our wardrobe selection. Shop back-to-school looks with us and take on the new academic year in style.

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