5 Fashion Tips To Get Ready for Tailgating Season 2023

Summertime is coming to an end. But don’t worry—when one door closes, another one opens. Fall bears lots of gifts to get excited about, such as football season. In the South, we take football very seriously, especially when it comes to the tailgates. Get ready for 2023’s tailgating season with five fashion tips that’ll enhance your experience in style.

Show Off Your Team’s Colors

Every sports team has a logo and color palette that encapsulates their spirit. The Carolina Panthers have their trusty Sir Purr and blue, black, and silver hues. The Gamecocks have their signature C, fighting rooster, and black and garnet color scheme. No matter who you’re cheering on, get in the game day spirit by showing off your team’s colors or logo in your outfit.

Prepare for Any Weather

Most sports games continue rain or shine—as long as lightning and weather extremes are out of the question. Similarly, most tailgaters remain partying no matter the forecast or temperature. Tailgating isn’t a sport for the weak-hearted. Preparing for sun, rain, or snow allows you to tailgate comfortably and continue the celebrations despite the ups and downs that local forecasts have in mind.

Pack a Practical Bag

Bags are multipurpose fashion accessories—they carry and transport your essentials and complete your outfit. However, some bag designs offer more tailgating functionality than others. The perfect tailgating bag has a large size and is weather-resistant. Pairing your outfit with a bag that can carry all your tailgating necessities and withstand the outdoor environment prepares you for the tailgating fun.

Choose Comfort

Tailgating can range anywhere from four hours to a whole day, depending on the quality of your food, company, and team’s success. Choosing something comfy to wear, from full-mobility shorts to memory foam sneakers, helps you stay content and comfortable. Our boutique shorts give you the perfect bottoms for comfortable tailgating without sacrificing style.

Don’t Forget Sun Protection

Just because summer is slipping away doesn’t mean we are saying goodbye to sunshine just yet. The first couple months of the tailgating season are still warm, humid, and sunny, especially in the South. Wear sun protection to avoid nasty burns and awkward tan lines. Hats and light cover-ups are a great way to protect yourself against the sun’s UV rays, all while looking fashionable.

Are you ready to take on 2023’s tailgating season? With these five fashion tips and clothes from Two Cumberland, you will be! We’ve got all that you need to style a fashionable, functional, and spirited tailgating outfit. Check out our clothing and accessory selection, and let’s get tailgating!

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