4 Ways To Wear a Bodysuit During the Summer Months

Bodysuits are fun, versatile one-pieces that greatly expand your styling possibilities. These form-fitting and simplistically stylish pieces capture the attention of many fashion enthusiasts, as they effortlessly combine comfort, functionality, and fashion-forward designs. This summer, explore four different ways to wear a bodysuit and enjoy the many looks these multifaceted wardrobe essentials offer.

Tucked In Like a Top

Tucked-in tees create a polished look that makes your outfit’s top and bottom halves more cohesive with a smooth transition. However, when tucked in, many tees form scrunched and bulky excess, leaving unflattering lumps and bumps in your outfit. But with a bodysuit, you can enjoy the tucked-in look without the bulkiness or fear of your top loosening and untucking throughout the day.

When you wear them as intended and paired with any type of bottom, bodysuits look and function like a tucked-in top but with more practical abilities, making them great for summer activities. This season, style polished, sleek, and practical looks with bodysuits as your tucked-in tee replacement.

Unclipped and Rolled Up

Many people prefer not to keep their bodysuits clipped. Bodysuits are versatile in many ways, and although designed as a one-piece, they can also simply function as a top.

Bodysuits with clasped crotches allow you to transform a one-piece into a t-shirt. You can just unclasp and roll up your bodysuit to turn it into a simple cropped tee.

Pro Tip: Secure your rolled-up design with a hidden safety pin or tie the two unclasped ends together in a stylish knot.

As a Base for a Sheer Cover-Up

Basic bodysuits mimic the style of one-piece swimming suits. With similar visual appearances, you can also wear bodysuits like swimsuits. A popular beat-the-heat summer look is to wear your bodysuit under a sheer cover-up—like you would with a bathing suit.

Whether you wear a lightweight mesh, lacy, or crocheted cover-up dress, stay modest underneath with a bodysuit. Using your bodysuit as a base for a sheer cover-up allows you to enjoy the breathability of a cover-up—keeping you cool in the summer heat—while staying practically covered.

Off the Shoulder

Bodysuits come in many designs, further expanding your styling opportunities. Most bodysuits are simple, form-fitting one-pieces, but some bodysuits feature a top half that mimics a billowy tucked tee. Many bodysuits even come with boxer-style bottoms instead of a bikini bottom cut, giving you a full-body outfit like a mini playsuit or bodycon.

At Two Cumberland, our selection of boutique-style tops offers many different bodysuit types, including gorgeous off-the-shoulder designs. One-shoulder bodysuits provide the functionality and look of a tucked-in tee combined with the benefits of a stylish off-the-shoulder appearance. A little shoulder exposure adds a fun, flirty, and classy touch to your outfit.

Enjoy the versatility, practicality, and style of one of the best wardrobe essentials with these ways to wear a bodysuit during the summer months. No matter how you end up styling it, find the perfect bodysuit and other outfit pairings for your fashion needs at Two Cumberland.

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It was interesting when you mentioned that we can wear a bodysuit like a tucked-in tee without having to worry about bulkiness or our top loosening and untucking throughout the day since it’s a versatile one-piece that allows us to expand our styling possibilities. I’ve always wanted to own a bodysuit, so I’m thinking of buying one to add to my spring wardrobe for next year. I’ll take note of this while I look for a boutique nearby that sells gorgeous bodysuit tops. https://shopbloomingdaily.com/collections/bodysuits

Clare Martin December 14, 2023

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