Top 4 Fall Essentials Every Woman Needs

Top 4 Fall Essentials Every Woman Needs

Hoorah! Summer is officially over, and the scenic, brisk fall is here in its stead. Fall is widely regarded as the "season of fashion." The mild weather means it's cold enough to finally justify breaking out your boots, jackets, jeans, and scarves, but not cold enough that you need to shove your shorts in the back of your wardrobe or break out your bulky coats quite yet. With so many pieces to choose from and mix-and-match, there are endless possibilities when it comes to autumn fashion.

But even though fall fashion is about utilizing your whole wardrobe, some items are considered more "autumnal" than the rest. Here are the top four fall essentials every woman needs in their closet.

Faux-Leather Leggings

Leggings are already a fall staple, but you can elevate this autumn classic even further with faux leather. Faux leather leggings have a sleek, shiny, and sophisticated appearance. They pair wonderfully with oversized sweaters and a myriad of footwear, from booties to sneakers. And even though their metallic appearance might make them look uncomfortable, they're surprisingly warm and snug!

Cute Booties

The next top fall essential every woman needs is booties. You can never have enough booties in your wardrobe! Booties are the perfect compromise between shoes and, well, boots. They're tall and sturdy enough to protect your feet from fall puddles and light snow but aren't as bulky as snow boots.

Booties come in all kinds of materials—camel suede, black leather, rubber—and countless patterns, so whatever your aesthetic, you're sure to find a pair you adore.

Knitted Sweaters

It's not quite time to break out the Christmas sweaters, but regular sweaters are a must-have for every fall wardrobe! Sweaters look amazing with just about anything. You can pair them with jeans, leggings, skirts, and shorts. You can even toss them over your favorite dress.


Fall is the perfect season for taking leisurely walks outside. The air is crisp and filled with fragrant smells, and the color-changing leaves are a true sight to behold. And there's no better footwear for a walk than comfortable and sporty sneakers.

Sneakers, like sweaters, are super versatile and look good with just about everything. They're great for making casual outfits.

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