Fall Color Fashion Trends: 7 Colors To Add to Your Wardrobe

Fall Color Fashion Trends: 7 Colors To Add to Your Wardrobe

Fall is something most people associate with warm, earthy hues, like browns, yellows, and oranges. These shades resemble the color-changing leaves and the earth beneath our feet.

This assortment of down-to-earth shades looks breathtaking in nature, but a wardrobe full of nothing but dark, monochromatic colors can seem dull and dreary to many. But you don't have to tone down your wardrobe to encapsulate this cozy, vibrant season.

Fall is the season of change and unpredictability, so be bold and spice up your wardrobe with new trends! Here are some fall color trends: seven colors to add to your wardrobe to capture the fall spirit. From earthy browns to rich wines, let's delve into some autumnal hues that are essential to fall fashion.

Cloudy Blues

Blue is a color many people associate with summer because it matches the rolling ocean waves and the cloudless sky. But darker, muted blues are perfect for fall. They call to mind rainy weather and colder temperatures synonymous with the season.

One easy way to incorporate blue into your fall wardrobe is through denim—denim jeans, denim jackets, denim sneakers, and even denim handbags. Denim is an insulator that will keep you warm and cozy. It's also an extremely versatile material that you can pair with everything, from cotton to silk to cashmere.

Lighter shades of blue like slate, stone, and steel are nice, but what if you want something darker? Mykonos blue, named after an island in Greece, is a deep, rich shade of blue that's similar to navy. It's a sophisticated color that looks stunning on blazers, slacks, and other pieces of professional attire.

Mellow Yellows

Yellow is another summer color that also works for autumn! Among the brown, red, and orange leaves on trees, you'll also spot a few mellow and stand-out yellow ones. You'll also find plenty of mustard plants growing in the fall, smoky, spicy mustard on the store shelves, and mustard-colored garments in every department store! Some people love it, some people hate it, but mustard is a fall color that's here to stay.

Yellow is a bright color that can get overwhelming if you use too much of it. There's nothing wrong with rocking a buttercup dress, but make sure to balance it out with a comfortable cardigan or lots of accessories in another color.

Ultimately, yellow is best as an accent color. Pick up a sleek yellow handbag or don subtle and sublime beryl, citrine, rutilated quartz, or zircon jewelry.

Sunset Oranges

Orange is a bright and lovely hue. But surprisingly, a lot of people are intimidated by it. Orange might look hard to work with, but we promise—it's actually crazy easy to style and match!

Orange looks great with most neutrals, blues, greens, and pinks. You can pair orange with pastel colors for a gentle, feminine look or other bright colors for an artistic one. Burnt orange is one of the best shades for fall because it matches the color of pumpkins, the fall leaves, cider, and other autumn favorites.

Want to add a touch of color to an otherwise neutral or monochromatic outfit? Orange accessories like faux leather belts, tortoise sunglasses, or knit orange socks can add a subtle but glamorous touch to any fit.

Leafy Greens

Fresh, verdant greens are more reminiscent of springtime, but somber olive greens are an absolute must-have color for fall. Olive can be a tricky color to work with, but the sweaters, sweater dresses, and flowy maxi dresses look absolutely phenomenal in this rich and lush shade.

Olive pairs best with blues, browns, and beiges and soft, natural textiles like cotton, hemp, linen, and ramie, but with the right styling, it can also look incredible with bolder colors (think amethyst and carrot orange) and velvety or metallic fabrics.

Earthy Browns

Brown is a classic autumnal color that evokes feelings of warmth and comfort. Because it's such a versatile color, you can find pretty much any kind of clothing or accessory in brown! Caramel camel blazers, chestnut ankle boots, russet handbags, tawny sweaters, copper jewelry... your options are virtually endless.

Browns pair well with other earthy colors, namely orange, red, and cream. Try pairing a patterned cream-colored blouse with an orange-brown pleated skirt and sneakers for a casual look or a button-up, brown blazer, beige slacks, and flats for a work outfit.

Wood accessories are another necessity for fall. You can get brown wood accessories made from a variety of woods, including balsa, birch, cedar, and pine wood. You can even get watches and belts made from wood, but keep in mind that wood accessories can be stiff and a little harder to wear than accessories made from other materials.

Pretty Pinks

Fuchsia is a popular color for fall. This vibrant pink is a stark contrast to other fall colors, which are normally subdued and neutral. Try wearing a long-sleeved fuchsia dress with black leggings, a black belt, ankle boots, and gold jewelry.

Another great pink shade to wear in fall is Pale Rosette. This is a pastel pink with a warm, dusty undertone that makes it extremely versatile. This color is especially great for scarves, heeled shoes, and jewelry. Rose quartz has a similar pale pink appearance, and when paired with a rustic metal like copper, makes beautiful necklaces, bracelets, and earrings suited for fall.

Rich Wines

A close sister to pink, wine is another fall color trend to add to your wardrobe. Wine is fancy as a drink, and it's just as fancy as a color. This brilliant shade is exquisite! We recommend it for professional and party outfits.

A metallic wine dress paired with shiny silver heeled sandals will turn heads at formal social events, while a tweed coat paired with a matching sweater and skirt set is ideal for business meetings.

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Fall Color Fashion Trends: 7 Colors To Add to Your Wardrobe

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