How To Wear the Right Blouse for Your Body Type

How To Wear the Right Blouse for Your Body Type

You should always keep a few things in mind when shopping for new clothes. It's important to find something that's trendy and also matches your personal aesthetic. You should also look for clothes that complement your figure. But how are you supposed to know what kind of clothes look good on you? Here's how to wear the right blouse for your body type.

The Five Body Types

Bodies come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but most women's bodies fall into one of five categories. Knowing what body type you have is step one to finding blouses that flatter you.


Are your shoulders, waist, and hips roughly the same size? If your answer is yes, then you have a rectangle body shape. The clothes that complement you are ones that emphasize your waist. You can use belts or add volume to your upper half with blouses that feature embellished busts and hemlines. For necklines, try off-shoulder, bateau, sweetheart, and scoop.


Apples have broad shoulders, hips, and a thicker waist. A blouse that's looser toward the top and tighter toward the hemline will highlight your incredible curves. When it comes to colors and patterns, choose blouses that have decorative bust and hemlines and ruching around the waist. For necklines, try V-necks, sweethearts, scoops, and strapless.

Inverted Triangle

The inverted triangle body shape is characterized by shoulders that are broader than the hips. If your body is an inverted triangle, search for blouses that soften the shoulder line, define the waist, and add volume to the hips. If you love soft, flowy pieces, you're in luck, because those kinds of clothes suit your body type! Blouses that are comfy and loose and have flared sleeves are best. Try asymmetric, V-neck, scoop, U-neck, and halter necklines.


Women with an hourglass body have shoulders and hips that are approximately the same size and a smaller waist. If you’re an hourglass, your proportions are already naturally balanced. It's important to maintain this balance. Blouses that are form-fitting and not overly embellished will enhance your natural silhouette without detracting from it. For necklines, try off-shoulder, sweetheart, square, and scoop.


A pear-shaped body is one with hips broader than the shoulders. For this body type, you want to emphasize the upper body—which is exactly what blouses were made for! You want your blouses to be bold and eye-catching, with vibrant colors, fun patterns, and complex textures. Wide and heavily embellished necklines such as off-shoulder, square, bateau, cowl, and Sabrina look stunning on pears.

Now that you know how to wear the right blouse for your body type, it’s time to find a blouse you love! Two Cumberland has a wide assortment of fashionable and trendy boutique-style tops for sale. Stop by our charming online boutique today!

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