Types of Shoes To Pair With a Dress This Summer

Types of Shoes To Pair With a Dress This Summer

Summer means weather that's hot, hot, hot, especially in the South! This is the time of year when Southern ladies bid farewell to comfy jeans and say hello to dresses of all kinds. Dresses are fashionable and can help keep you cool on toasty and humid days.

Summer means swapping out your fuzzy winter boots for cooler footwear, too. But what kind of shoes look the best with summer dresses? Here are a few types of shoes to pair with a dress this summer. These options are all comfy, cool, and chic at the same time.

Sporty Sneakers

If you usually spend your summer being active, slip on a pair of sporty sneakers and your favorite sundress (stick to something that's loose and not too long or short so you can move around freely). This comfortable and versatile type of footwear makes it easy to stay on the move.

When most people think of sneakers, they envision the kind you used to wear in gym class. But sneakers come in a wide variety of styles and can be so much more fashionable than you think. Wear slip-on or canvas sneakers for a casual look, leather sneakers for something a bit more professional, or plimsoll sneakers to add a pop of color to your outfit.

Simple Sandals

Sandals are a summer staple. They're designed to be comfortable and cool. Like sneakers, sandals come in all sorts of different styles. Sports sandals are a great alternative to sneakers for people who are active. They're useful if you like to run or play volleyball at the beach.

Natural-looking sandals (like cross-woven or espadrille sandals) are the best kind of footwear to compliment a feminine boho-chic look. They pair especially well with flowy maxi dresses.

Dressy platform or heel sandals are great for a night out on the town. Metallic or jewel colors will look amazing with your classy party dress.

Fabulous Flats

Flats are the embodiment of comfort. They're also one of the most versatile types of shoes to pair with a dress this summer. That's because flat shoes are just that—shoes that are flat. Even sneakers and sandals can fall into the flats category.

Some of the best flats for summer include mules, loafers, and brogues. Mules are open-back shoes that pair well with maxi dresses and tea dresses.

Loafers might seem like more of a fall shoe, but they’re also an awesome summer shoe option. Pair woven, tassel, and horsebit loafers with a midi dress for a sophisticated outfit.

Did you know? Brogues were originally a men's shoe, but recently, they've taken women's fashion by storm. Brogues can be plain-colored or feature multiple colors at once. Lighter base colors (beige and white) and summery secondary colors (blue and yellow) make for the perfect summer look. Pair them with short to knee-length dresses.

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