How To Dress for a Sunday Brunch Date With Friends

How To Dress for a Sunday Brunch Date With Friends

Brunch combines the best of breakfast and lunch staples with a fun social aspect. Weekly brunch gives you and your friends a chance to try new restaurants, revisit your favorites, dress up, capture plenty of social media-worthy content, and debrief on the past week over bottomless mimosas. In the South, Sunday brunches are a common affair.

Brunch dates have an unspoken dress code. You don’t have to dress like you’re attending a high tea party, but you shouldn’t show up in your pajamas either. Whether you’re coming straight from a service or a cozy sleep-in, here is how to dress for a Sunday brunch date with friends.

Outdoor Brunch

On a warm, cloudless day, outdoor seating is a popular dining option for brunches. If you have a sun hat in your closet that you have yet to debut, this is an excellent opportunity to bring it out into the spotlight. Fedoras, flat caps, cloches, berets, floppy hats, and straw sun hats make plenty of appearances at outdoor brunch dates. They both look cute and protect you from the sun. Another outdoor brunch staple is flowy, loose clothing. Tops and dresses with billowing sleeves, wrapped structures, and flowing materials keep you cool in warm temperatures, all while looking cute.

For shoes, location plays an essential factor. If your restaurant is by the beach, fancy flip flops and sandals paired with dresses or maxi skirts make great options. Otherwise, avoid slippers and opt for wedges, open-toed heels, boutique sneakers, and boots. If it’s a little chillier outside, pair your outfit with cute scarves and a fashionable jacket or blazer.

Indoor Brunch

Depending on the restaurant, indoor brunches tend to be more formal than outdoor brunches. Boutique dresses offer styles that balance both casual and formal looks, complying with all kinds of restaurant dress codes. They steer away from being too revealing, too informal, and too upscale, creating an outfit option that’s just right. Two Cumberland’s inventory of southern boutique dresses showcases a range of styles, spanning from babydoll dresses to off-the-shoulder pieces and patterned statements.

In the South, boots are a must. Plus, they straddle the line between formal and informal. Cowboy boots paired with a flowy dress make great Southern-style brunch attire. If you’re opting for jeans, avoid ripped or torn pairs, and dress them up with heels or heeled booties. Other outfit options besides dresses include skirts, trousers, and jumpsuits. You can pair shorter skirts with tights.

Learning how to dress for a Sunday brunch date with friends makes getting ready less stressful and prevents you from showing up underdressed for the occasion. Don’t forget that accessories also possess a magical ability to transform any outfit and make it more formal. For your next Sunday brunch, look good, feel cute, and enjoy all the delicious treats surrounded by good company.

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My sister told me she wants to go on a brunch date with her girlfriends this weekend. She’s panicking because she doesn’t know what to wear or how to do her makeup. That’s why I think she’d love to read your dressing advice about going to an outdoor or indoor restaurant for brunch.

Eli Richardson October 20, 2023

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