Fashion Tips and Tricks to Styling Graphic Tees

Fashion Tips and Tricks to Styling Graphic Tees

Graphic tees add color and extra visual appeal to any outfit. They are a great way to showcase your personality, as they often highlight brands, quotes, and artwork that appeal to you. Sometimes, styling graphic tees creates clashing looks because they incorporate more style and visual texture, contrasting with patterns, bright colors, and bulky accessories. Here are some fashion tips and tricks to styling graphic tees.

How To Wear Them


Like any other t-shirt, graphic tees consist of a simple, straightforward structure. They are cut with sharp lines that hold a straight shape and lack body dimension. Add shape to your outfit by tucking your shirt into your bottoms. Tucked shirts break up your body dimensions and accentuate your figure. Most graphic tees are also available as oversized shirts, leaving space surrounding the center design. Because of the extra space beneath the graphic, tucking your shirt into your pants doesn’t block any print.


Another way to wear graphic tees without losing your figure is to tie the bottom of the shirt into a knot. Securing the end of your tee into a twisted bind tapers the shirt at your hip, enhancing the appearance of your natural curves. You can tie the shirt either at the front, back, or side. If you don’t want the bulky knot to be visible, you can tuck or flip it inwards to create a cropped look.

Top Layer

Did you know that you can transform any dress into a skirt? Or at least make it look like a two-piece set? Wearing graphic tees over a dress and tying or tucking it into a belt splits dresses into two distinct sections. It creates a look that mimics wearing a separate shirt and skirt. You can create this look with various dresses, ranging from maxis to skater-style dresses, and use almost any boutique-style top to complete the ensemble. However, graphic tees or plain shirts work best to create a smooth transition between the top and bottom half.

What To Pair With Them


As mentioned previously, graphic tees feature excess space around the printed design, highlighting and bringing focus toward the image. The interruption of patterns creates visual breaks that prevent the eye from becoming too overwhelmed by designs and colors. The extra blank material of the shirts also makes it easier to match graphic tees with patterns and prints.


Accessorizing with graphic tees is simple. Avoid covering or adding too much shine to the displayed design. Dainty jewelry helps bring the focus toward the graphic design. If your image is placed in the center of the t-shirt, wear a low-hanging but dainty necklace to draw the gaze down. You can also wear jewelry that coordinates with the colors of the displayed design to create cohesiveness and enhance the vibrancy of those colors. For other accessories, such as bags and jackets, the simpler they are, the better.

Graphic t-shirts come in various styles, offering plenty of options and styles to choose from. They put your personality on display and adhere to many fashion concepts, from skater-chic to the recently popular VSCO girl aesthetic. With these fashion tips and tricks to styling graphic tees, you can curate outfits that you look and feel good wearing.

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