Hotel Emeline

Last summer, or was it the summer before (I am really losing my mind), we were at Morris Island with one of my best friends, Devon, and her cousin Christine who was visiting for the weekend. I immediately liked Christine. She just seemed cool. Come to find out, Christine was in Charleston opening a new hotel. That hotel was Hotel Emeline. I knew after spending time with Christine, there was no way her hotel wasn’t going to be as awesome as she was. Boy was I right.

To say some place has a cool vibe seems so cliche, but Emeline really does have the coolest feel to her. We were welcomed for our photo shoot like we were guests coming for a stay. We were immediately made to feel at home and appreciated, and to feel that when you walk into a hotel is something special. The designers of Emeline said they were inspired by the energy and culture of Charleston and envisioned their guests as someone with a sense of adventure and curiosity. Someone who appreciated design, amazing food and drink, culture and thoughtful details. The portrait of southern hospitality, their “muse”, Emeline, is full of grace, grit and determination. The spirit of Emeline is infused into every aspect of the hotel. Conde Nast Traveler best described the hotel as a “very stylish Southern aunt with a penchant for all things retro.” She is a mixture of wicker, velvet and palm printed wallpaper. Working record players in every room and a resident chocolate truffle chef are just a few of the thoughtful details that set Emeline apart from other boutique hotels.

Just as Emeline is the muse for the hotel, Frannie in the muse for the restaurant, Frannie and the Fox. When asked who Frannie is, I was told that she is a tomboy who charms you with her wit then drinks you under the table. She is mischievous and scrappy; a precocious scamp with a heart of gold. I don’t know about you, but I SO want to hang out with Frannie!! I actually want to hang out with Frannie and Emeline in the hotel. We would have so much fun having a drink or two outside by the fire pit. I would definitely order a Peach Don’t Kill my Vibe and I see Frannie throwing back a Tear Down the Wall or two (that girl loves herself some tequila). Emeline would order a nice bottle sauvignon blanc and some steamed mussels.

I might not get to hang out with the actual Frannie and Emeline, but I can take some friends and go hang out at their place. Hotel Emeline is the kind of place that makes you feel a little bit hip, a little bit cooler and a lot more relaxed. Won’t you meet me there?

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