Ways to Casually Style a Skirt While Looking Chic

Ways to Casually Style a Skirt While Looking Chic

Skirts are lovely and versatile pieces of clothing. You can find them in countless colors, designs, and styles—there are skirts to suit every aesthetic!

But compared to jeans and shirts, skirts can be tricky to style. Unlike pants, which are generally of a uniform design and color, skirts don't magically complement every outfit.

But don't worry! Once you master the art of pairing skirts with the rest of your wardrobe, you can unleash your full creativity and create stunning outfits. Here are some ways to casually style a skirt while looking chic.

Matching Colors and Styles

Choose a palette and a fashion style for your outfit before you do anything else. This will make it easier to assemble a cohesive outfit. Can't think of anything off the top of your head? Sift through your wardrobe and find a skirt that you like, and then base the rest of your choices around that skirt.

Let's say you have a cream-colored and floral-patterned maxi skirt. This kind of skirt is perfect for a bohemian look! You'll want to choose a shirt, shoes, and accessories that are minimalistic and feature natural touches. Salmon, orange, sunshine yellow, and ocean blue are all colors that complement cream, so keep that in mind when choosing pieces for the rest of your outfit.

How To Make a Skirt Look Casual

There are plenty of ways to casually style a skirt while looking chic. We recommend:

  • Pairing skirts with loose tops and blouses. If your skirt is patterned, opt for a plain top. With plain skirts, both patterned and un-patterned tops look great.
  • Wearing sneakers or brogues with longer skirts and basic heels with skirts above the knee. Ankle boots are a must for fall and winter!
  • Sporting a casual denim jacket or a soft hoodie jacket on chilly days.
  • Keeping it simple when it comes to accessories. Less is more!

Best Accessories for Skirts

All accessories can look amazing with skirts depending on how you style them. But some accessories pair better with skirts than others.

Belts are one accessory that look incredible with skirts. You can use them to make skirts that are loose around the waist more formfitting. You can also use them as an interesting focal point for otherwise plain outfits.

Scarves are another great accessory to pair with skirts. Skirts and scarves are both loose and flowy and complement each other well. And since there are endless ways to wear a scarf, you can find a way to make them match any outfit.

And don't forget the bag! Skirts don't have as many pockets as jeans and shorts, so you'll need the extra room for all your essentials.

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