Get There First: Cool Color Trend for Fall & Winter 2022

Get There First: Cool Color Trend for Fall & Winter 2022

In fashion, colors shape the expression and outfits people create. Color trends symbolize the current favorites, seasonal moods, and congruous aesthetic desires. Since spring and all through the summer, vibrant hues and statement colors have ranked high in trends. But will the vibrancy trend last through to the end of the year? Or will the usual dark colors and blacks return to match the seasons’ longer nights and flora? Here’s the first look into cool color trends for fall and winter in 2022.

Fashion Week Color Inspiration

Each year, fashion week sets the expectations of trends, showcasing what designers and fashion experts deem in style in their professional eyes. This year, the 2022 fall and winter runway showcased the vibrant pigments from spring and summer, keeping them in the light for the rest of the year.

Pantone, the mogul of color psychology and trends, deemed contrasting tones as this year’s fall and winter trend. In their fall and winter color trend report for 2022 and 2023, Pantone stated that contrasting colors symbolize our need to harmonize “our co-existing desires for rest and relaxation” and “exuberant expression.” With fall and winter bringing in cozier weather, people find these seasons the perfect time for resting and relaxing. In contrast, as people grow in society, they strive for more vibrant self-expression.

Annual Seasonal Color Classics

Each year, people put away their bright summery and spring colors for more muted and darker tones when fall and winter roll around. Dark and muted colors match the early nights, dying flora, cool weather, and indoor coziness of the year’s later seasons. Color combos like red and green and orange and black represent seasonal festivities. And icy, pale blue cool tones and deep warm shades symbolize the winter and fall atmosphere. Numerous colors and combos return annually to represent and express the seasons’ essence.

Although the fashion world deems contrasting colors the “it” hues for fall and winter, the basic, annual, seasonal color classics still reign on-trend. Traditional seasonal shades include dark blues, deep greens, purply reds, black, gray, and icy white.

Trending Fall and Winter Color Palettes

Various color palettes create the perfect fall or winter outfit. Some popular palettes also mix in both fashion week colors and classics. Trending palettes for fall and winter include:

  • Neutrals
  • Light cool tones (for winter)
  • Deep warms tones (for fall)
  • Earthy shades (fall)
  • Gold and silver hues (winter)
  • Forest greens

Fall and winter color palettes tie in the most popular combos and ideal shades to sport this season. They include contrasting colors, aesthetic tones, and pigments that express the seasons’ ambience.

Whether you take inspiration from fashion moguls or current and past favorites, you’ll create trendy and stylish looks.

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