Fall Shoe Trends for 2022 Worth Trying On

Fall Shoe Trends for 2022 Worth Trying On

Strut in style this fall with some trendy footwear. From boots to year-round styles, fall shoe trends feature a mix of autumnal aesthetics and cozy, casual looks this year. Here are four shoe trends for fall 2022 worth trying.

Cowboy Boots

Most boots often require a second pair of hands tugging at the end for removal. However, cowboy boots evade the difficulty with a unique structural design. Their wide, open mouth and rounded or pointed toe make slipping in and out of the boots a breeze. In the past, when cowboy boots first came to fruition, they were designed with practicality in mind. They offered comfort, protection, and easy-to-wear properties, making them ideal for any farm field or outback riding venture.

Now, cowboy boots make more than just a practical footwear option. They are one of fall’s greatest trends of the year. They’ll keep your feet warm, provide walking comfort, and easily slip on and off while showcasing a unique design. Cowboy boots add a western flair to your fit, making a stylish statement with a range of outfit pairings.

Retro Sneakers

The biggest trend of 2022 is the throwback trend. Retro sneakers follow suit with the throwback movement of the year. They include thick soles and stiff structural sneaker composition, creating chunky, chic, casual tennis shoes.

While fall bounces between winter and summer forecasts, retro sneakers provide an in-between footwear for the season. Their chunky design keeps your feet warm, and their sneaker format makes them great for outdoor summery ventures like walks in the park or hanging out with friends for a casual lunch. They work as year-round shoes and are a definite closet must-have.

Platform Shoes

Another throwback-inspired shoe trend resurging in 2022 and making a hit appearance in fall is platforms. Platform shoes add height and chunkiness to a variety of shoe styles. They appear in sandals, sneakers, boots, and flip-flops. In the ’60s and ’80s, platforms dominated the fashion world. Chunky platform boots and sneakers make a great addition to your shoe collection. They allow you to enjoy the joys of high-heeled shoes but with added stability and more casual factors.

Over-the-Knee Boots

Over-the-knee boots recur as a fall favorite annually. They provide warmth, match the autumnal cozy aesthetic, and create a nice silhouette that tapers your legs. They come in numerous styles and pair well with other fall fashion essentials like scarves, leggings, dresses, tights, skirts, and jeans.

Ensure you stay up to date on the latest fashion trends and add some of these fall footwear options to your collection. From knee-high boots to chunky sneakers, 2022 fall shoe trends cover seasonal aesthetics, fashion hits, and more. They’ll enhance your autumnal appearance and complete your stylish look for the season. At Two Cumberland, our range of boutique shoes online features popular trendy shoe options that’ll prepare you for fall fashion. Check out our selection and strut through fall in style.

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