Different Ways To Store and Organize Your Handbags

Different Ways To Store and Organize Your Handbags

Handbags complete any look, offering a fashionable accessory with practical qualities. With all the different types of bags available, from beach bags to totes, it's easy to accumulate a closet full of them. Although packed closets create more styling opportunities and creativity, they also add time to finding the perfect outfit and generate clutter faster.

Adding a little organization to your closet speeds up your styling process and keeps your space looking and feeling clean without compromising your collection of fashion finds. Here are different ways to store and organize your handbags to help you achieve your dream wardrobe and display the beauty of your bags.

Door Hooks

Doors often take up room and require enough space to open and close. However, using a couple of door hooks reclaims space and stores your handbags in an organized fashion. Whether you add door hooks to the door of your bedroom, closet, or wardrobe cabinet, hooks provide a means to hang your purses and clear up other spaces in your room or closet. Plus, there are numerous types of hanging door organizers, ranging from wired baskets to pockets, offering you various storage options for strapped and strapless purses.

Wall Racks

Wall racks provide you with a row of hooks to hang your bags. Their predesignated rows and structure allow you to separate bags, displaying them clearly for you to choose from without digging around. They also keep handbag straps from tangling with one another. Like door hooks, wall racks maximize space by using the wall as another usable surface. Wall racks also come in handy when moving, as you can transport them all lined up and tangle-free on one device.

Torso Mannequins

Display your favorite bags on a standing torso mannequin to show off what the bag will look like when you wear it. Mannequins provide numerous benefits, from a place to style your outfit for the next day to an extra shoulder to hold your items. Designers often use mannequins to form the structure of their pieces and hold their fabric upright as they add embellishments. Adding a mannequin into your space allows you to display, store, and style your bags. Plush mannequins also provide you with a place to fasten your accessories and pins.

Shelf Dividers

One of the benefits of buying boutique handbags is their size. On top of their chic designs and patterns, they tend to run smaller than other bags like backpacks and duffles, making them easy to carry, style, and store. If you've got some shelf space to spare, add shelf dividers to organize and separate your bags. Dividers compartmentalize items in large spaces, creating a functional, clutter-free system. Pair dividers with a color coordination system, and voilà. You've got yourself a well-organized handbag collection that makes finding, styling, and cleaning fast and simple.

Storage Bins

Storage bins prevail as a popular and classic organization solution. They create storage space and hide items away like a drawer. Plus, they allow you to systemize, label, and transport numerous items in one container. When it comes time to move, your items in storage bins are already packed and ready to go. Although they don't put your gorgeous bags on show, storage boxes save you room by grouping bags in one location. They also don't require attention when you're retiring your outfit for the day since you can just place the bag back into the box without worrying about styling it for presentation.

Pegboard Display

Similar to bulletin boards, pegboards display creative inspiration for larger and heavier items. Hanging and showcasing your bags on a pegboard highlights each of your bags and inspires styling and outfit ideas. Choosing, visualizing, and creating looks becomes more manageable with all your options clearly displayed in front of you. Instead of digging around or trying on one bag at a time, your pegboard offers you accessible storage means, which you can hang on your closet walls, bedroom, or anywhere else in your home. Pegboards offer storage solutions for various other items, so they are practical additions to your spaces. Plus, they double as cute decor.

Cube Organizers

Designating specific places for any of your things organizes your space in an easy-to-use way. Cube organizers provide a compartmentalized shelving system that creates aesthetically pleasing exhibitions and systemized accessible storage. These multipurpose furniture staples function in several ways, from bookshelves to TV stands, but as a storage solution for your bags, they mirror the shopping experience. Using cube organizers to store your bags puts them on display similar to how they are in stores, bringing the thrill of shopping and picking out items to your home—with the bonus of not needing to spend money.

Standing Purse Racks

Standing purse racks work like hat stands, offering you a place to hang your bags without needing a closet or taking up too much room. They add a little vintage flair to any design style, dating back to when coat and hat stands were a hallway must-have in the late 1800s. Before, hat stands commonly came as wooden furnishings, but now you can find racks in metal and plastic. Vintage wooden hat stands make beautiful decor additions with their unique and intricate detailing.

Handbag Hangers

Slightly different from regular hangers, handbag hangers are specially designed to hold the straps of your bag without stretching or tilting your bags as they hang in closets. They come in different forms, including an umbrella mold for the straps and S-shaped hooks. Unlike the shoulder-sized shape of clothing hangers, handbag hangers run smaller, taking up minimal closet space.

Foldable Closet Organizer

A foldable closet organizer makes an excellent storage solution for your collection's smaller or more malleable bags. Foldable closet organizers hang in your closet for additional compartments and space. They provide easy access and discretely hide your bags, clearing space elsewhere in your room. A major benefit of closet organizers is that they work alongside items you might already own, enhancing them to meet your needs and organize.

Accessible, displayable, and systemized ways to store and organize your handbag make styling outfits easier. With your choices on display, you can view your options and better match pieces of your attire. Working with an organized system keeps your space clean, stress-free, and clutter-free, creating better accessibility. Plus, proper handbag storage ensures that all your bags receive the same amount of attention and love. Organizing your handbags will also help you whittle down your collection, showing you the bags you tend to use more than others.

Different Ways To Store and Organize Your Handbags

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