Best Ways To Style Women’s Shorts This Summer

Best Ways To Style Women’s Shorts This Summer

When the summer weather starts to shine, the shorts appear. Shorts are a closet must-have. They provide chic looks that keep you comfortable and cool in hot temperatures. Plus, shorts give you more mobility than most skirts and pants, making them a great choice for an active itinerary. Here are the best ways to style women’s shorts this summer to look stylish for various occasions.

Pool Party

Whether you choose to go for a dip in the water or prefer lounging on the patio, dressing for a pool party means styling an outfit that’s both fashionable and comfortable enough to join in on activities. High-waisted shorts paired with swimsuits (bikinis or one-pieces) creates a nice balance of party attire and poolside comfort. High-waisted shorts accentuate your figure, provide added cover, and come in various forms, from paper bag shorts to denim. Pair your shorts and swimsuit with a light coverup, cute sandals, and a sun hat to complete your look.

Outdoor Cookout

Denim shorts continue to reign as a popular summer staple. Their durability, style variability, and texture create fashionable, practical outfits to wear in casual outdoor atmospheres. Jean shorts paired with a loose, long sleeve blouse creates a timeless and classic summer look to wear to any cookout. For better movement and comfort, linen, silk, or cotton shorts make viable options, providing breathable and malleable fabric suitable for spending time outdoors and engaging in physical activities.

Brunch Date

Dressing up shorts is still a fairly newer concept because of societal requirements, taboos, and etiquette ideals. For a long time, brunch dress code excluded shorts, and that’s still often the case for work environments and upscale restaurants. However, there are numerous ways to style formal and sophisticated outfits with boutique shorts.

Denim shorts create a lot of cute looks, but frayed, booty, and ripped jean shorts should be reserved for casual events. Paper bag, cotton, silk, linen, and leather shorts create more put-together and classier outfits. Pair shorts with a blazer, a button-down shirt, a bodysuit, and boots or heels for a sophisticated style suitable for summer brunch. Skorts also offer a more formal look while still providing you with the benefits of shorts.

Running Errands

There’s no real dress code for running errands, but dressing comfortably makes running errands easier. Looser shorts like those made from breathable materials, including linen and cotton, give you optimal mobility and comfort. Athletic and bike shorts also come in handy when doing chores and daily tasks because they are designed to provide optimal physical movement, comfort, and functionality.

The best way to style women’s shorts this summer is to wear whatever feels comfortable and works well for the situation, whether for brunch or running errands. You also want to combat the heat so you can look and feel good. Shorts are a popular summer must-have. The best part of shorts is that they take up minimal suitcase space, so they are easy to pack for summer vacation!

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