7 Must-Have Shoes Every Southern Woman Should Own

7 Must-Have Shoes Every Southern Woman Should Own

The climate and style of the South mean that Southern women need to keep a wardrobe a little different from everywhere else in America. After all, they don’t do Saturdays like we do Saturdays. Read through this list of the seven must-have shoes every Sothern woman should own to see if your closet is set.

White Sneaker

If you were to take a poll over which shoe women wear the most, the white sneaker would have a good chance of coming on top. You must have a crisp, stylish pair you can wear to any function, from exercising and work to formal events. Due to modern trends, there is nowhere a white sneaker looks out of place.

Rain Boots

Inevitably, there’s going to come a day in every Southern woman’s life where they’ll find themself shuffling through wet mud, sand, and murky water. On that day, you’re going to wish you had rain boots. Rain boots are only as waterproof as tall, so if you have any outdoorsy people in your family, it’s not a bad idea to opt for tall rain boots that keep your calves dry.

Multi-terrain boots like duck boots are an option, but their fabric shin area makes them less practical than an entire rubber one. So, if you’ll only have one functional pair of waterproof boots, a traditional rain boot is your best option.


When you get to the beach, you don’t want to wear rain boots. Arguably the only shoe more critical to your wardrobe than a plain sneaker is your sandals. You need a simple pair of sandals to get around in the summer.

Nude Heel

For formal events in the summer, a nude heel works with various light colors of patterns. When wearing a brightly colored sundress, it’s best to pair it with understated heels to complement the look.

Black Heel

For formal winter events, you’ll typically wear darker shades of forest green, maroon, and black. With these darker shades, a nude heel would look awkward, which is why a black heel is another necessity for a well-rounded wardrobe.

Knee High Boots

Even if it’s only for Saturdays in the fall, a pair of knee-high boots should be a staple in every closet. The brown knee-high boot has long been the go-to shoe option for Saturday game days, even if current trends have shifted towards more comfy sneaker options.

Cowgirl Boots

Somedays, you have to let your inner Nashville spirit out, and there is no easier way to do this than with cowgirl boots. If knee-highs aren’t your style, cowgirl boots are an alternative that can give any outfit a fun, playful look. Paired with a dress, it can make an outfit seem less formal for a night out on the town.

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