4 Fashionable Ways To Wear a Tote Bag in 2022

4 Fashionable Ways To Wear a Tote Bag in 2022

Beloved for its functionality, a tote is a mainstay in any wardrobe. Check out these four fashionable ways to wear a tote bag in 2022 for some simple advice on styling one with your overall ensemble.

Having Practicality and Versatility

The best part of a tote is that it’s a fashionable accessory and a practical one. Even if you aren’t a fan of oversized bags, you still need at least one for running errands. That’s why no closet is complete without a minimalist black tote.

Minimalism has always been a core pillar of fashion. Bold patterns and colors change with the trends, but a classic neutral color bag never goes out of style. Its simplistic design means that you can pair it with leggings and a chic t-shirt on a Saturday afternoon, a skirt and blouse for work, or a maxi for an evening look. It’s hard to imagine where a tote would be out of place, other than a highly formal event like a gala.

Going All Black or White With a Bold Bag

If you have a bold bag that you want to make the center of attention, consider going with the classic New York City all-black ensemble. However, you might want to go with an all-white look from June and August since it’s hot.

By keeping your look basic, you let the bag speak for itself. This approach is beneficial for bags with multiple patterns and colors that are difficult to match with clothes. Since everything goes with black and white, you don’t have to worry about your bag clashing with your clothes.

Maintaining a Color Story

It’s never a bad idea to go with bold patterns for your entire ensemble. An attention-grabbing look can be as chic as anything. You’ll just need to be deliberate in how you pair your colors. When overlaying different patterns on the same outfit, you need to maintain a constant color story. By building your ensemble around three to five colors that complement each other, your outfit will exist as one cohesive look rather than a jumbled mess.

Playing With Texture

A current trend on the rise is the straw woven bag. These bags have a classy, fun feel to them. They remind you of the ornate woven baskets that often sit in outdoor markets, reinventing a traditional look with a modern twist. But besides straw, other unique textures like suede are great at adding depth to your overall outfit. So don’t be afraid to play with a tote’s material.

Hopefully, with these four fashionable ways to wear a tote bag in 2022, you’ll be ready to hit the streets. If you’re looking for a chic boutique tote bag to add to your wardrobe, visit us at Two Cumberland.

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