5 Everyday Outfits To Wear From Summer To Fall

As the seasons change from summer sunshine to a colorful ambient fall, wardrobes also undergo a transition. Layers get doubled, sleeves stretch out beyond your shoulder, flip-flops retire, and boots return to the fashion scene. Your weekly lookbooks shift just as summer collapses into fall.

Don’t worry. Just because change is in the air doesn’t mean you need to say goodbye to your favorite pieces. They simply require a little revamping. Here are five everyday outfits to wear from summer to fall. They’ll help you keep your favorite warm-weather wardrobe items out of the storage box longer.

1. Layered Slip Dresses

In fall, trees lose layers. Meanwhile, your outfits gain more. There are many ways to layer your clothes for fall and bundle up to enjoy the new shades and autumnal ambiance. One of the most fashionable layered looks involves a shirt and a silky or satin dress.

What Are Slip Dresses?

In the summertime, slip dresses keep you cool with their lightweight, breathable, and smooth design. They have these characteristics because their original purpose was to be nightgowns. Their fabric captures and reflects the sunshine and gently flows in the summer breeze. They’re perfect to wear in summer and as an over-piece in transitional outfits.

Adding Layers

Layering a tee under short-sleeve dresses recreates a similar appearance to wearing a pinafore. The layered look works well with different types of dresses, from camis to tanks. It especially complements slips, creating a classic ’90s-style outfit.

Whether you wear a midi, maxi, or mini slip dress, the best tops to layer with it are white shirts with long or short sleeves and black turtlenecks. To complete the look, add some booties or sneakers. You’ll have yourself a perfect summer-to-fall outfit.

2. Knee-High Boots and Minis

If you didn’t know already, mini skirts are back in the fashion scene. They join the myriad of throwback pieces resurrecting in 2023 and offer lots of styling opportunities to explore. In summer, mini skirts are a chic wardrobe item that lets your legs soak in some vitamin D and show off their summertime bronze. They pair well with cropped tops and bodysuits and fall between low- and high-rise waistlines.

Knee- or thigh-high boots make the perfect mini-skirt companions for a summer-to-fall look. They both elongate legs, making you look taller, like a runway model ready to strut. On top of lengthening your legs’ appearance, knee-high boots also offer practical functionality, providing warmth and coverage to combat the dropping temperatures.

This dynamic pairing of a mini skirt and high boots appears in many past and current lookbooks of iconic celebrities, including:

  • Miley Cyrus
  • Paris Hilton
  • Hillary Duff
  • Bella Thorne
  • Kendall Jenner
  • Kim Kardashian

3. Sweaters Over Maxis

Casual maxi dresses are summer wardrobe essentials. They make great beach coverups, brunch and picnic pieces, stay-at-home comfort clothing items, and simple yet fashionable one-and-done everyday must-haves. They’re versatile and enable bountiful styling possibilities, including creating a layered summer-to-fall outfit. Maxi dresses give you the perfect base for a layered look featuring a heavier top.

Throwing a sweater on top of your summer maxi dresses gives you a chic fall look that’s both trendy and practical for the cooler season. Both sweaters and maxis provide you with coverage that keeps you warm and protected from wind chill. The material of your summer maxi ensures you don’t overheat as well. It provides some breathability. That’s why this combination works in f fluctuating fall temperatures.

Styling Tips

There are many ways to style sweaters over maxis. Go the extra mile instead of simply throwing a sweater over your dress by adding a belt. Tucking and folding one over your sweater brings shape back to your outfit, breaking up the top and bottom half and transforming and making your maxi dress look like a skirt. You can also tie the sweater or opt for a cropped version. Complete the outfit with some cute booties and your favorite accessories.

4. Jeans and a Cardigan

Jeans and a cardigan create a classic outfit that works year-round. The pairing gives you lots of flexibility to match with the fluctuating summer-to-fall transitioning forecasts. Denim jeans offer many benefits. They are durable, making them practical pants options for summer outdoor adventures, and they provide coverage and warmth, which allows them to function in colder weather.

Cardigans are removable top layers that give you the option to bundle up or strip down throughout the day. You can wear any shirt or underlayer, whether it’s a basic tee, tank top, spaghetti-strap top, or bodysuit, and not worry about warmth. Your cardigan has that job under control. Both cardigans and jeans pair well with boots, creating a southern dream look. They also work well with lots of accessories and minimalistic embellishments. Additionally, you can dress them up or down based on the shoes and shirts you choose and how you do your hair and makeup.

5. Shorts and an Oversized Blazer

Summer wardrobes feature lots of essential pieces, from maxi dresses to swimsuits. Out of all the warm-weather necessities, shorts are the epitome of summer fashion. They show off your legs, expose you to the sunshine, and keep you cool with summer breezes brushing across your skin. Every summer wardrobe features a pair of shorts.

Many people like to dress for transitioning seasons with a heavy top and light bottom or vice versa. Wearing shorts with a heavier and warmer top half, such as a sweater and blazer, allows you to continue the reign of summer shorts, even as fall slips in. This combination balances warmth and breathability, providing a happy medium to match the fluctuating temperatures. Also, it makes for a chic yet casual look. On the warmer days, ditch the sweater and just wear a long sleeve tee. The blazer will still provide plenty of warmth and comfort. At Two Cumberland, we sell a selection of women’s shorts online that’ll match different blazers and help you make fashionable summer-to-fall outfits.

Stay stylish and prepare for the change of seasons with these five everyday outfits to wear from summer to fall. These looks provide lots of flexibility, functionality, and fashionableness. They help you make the most of your summer wardrobe until cooler weather settles back in. Keep your favorite pieces in the spotlight for longer by styling them in ways that adapt to different temperatures.

5 Everyday Outfits To Wear From Summer To Fall

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