What Do You Wear With a Long-Sleeve Dress?

Long-sleeve dresses are modest, stylish, and cold-weather friendly. Like many other multifaceted wardrobe pieces, they expand your styling possibilities, creating multiple looks fit for many different occasions. Whether you’re wearing a long-sleeve dress for a casual day out in town or a formal work dinner, many ways to enhance your overall look are possible. Here’s what to wear with a long-sleeve dress.

Any Footwear Selection

The footwear that best matches your long-sleeve dress depends on the final look you intend to create and your dress’s design, color, length, and texture. A dress with flowy long sleeves goes well with sandals and boots, creating a boho and southern-inspired aesthetic. If your long-sleeve dress is a maxi and features formal design elements, slip on some heels to further add elegance to the look. Match casual long-sleeve dresses with sneakers for an even more comfortable and relaxed appearance. All shoe types complement a long-sleeve dress.

Earrings, Necklaces, and Rings

Accessorizing enhances outfits with a touch of detail. Most accessories are compatible with long-sleeve dresses, except for bracelets. They get stuck in and on the sleeves and make your wrists look bulky. When wearing tight sleeves, the bracelets rub up against your wrists, causing irritation.

Let the sleeves of your dress decorate your arms on their own, and focus the accessorizing elsewhere. Adorn your long-sleeve-dress look with earrings—long and dangly variations complement the length and shape that the sleeves generate in your overall look. Rings and necklaces also work well. Sleeves provide more than just arm coverage. They also embellish, especially sleeves that have lace or feature tassels. So don’t detract from their design.

Coats and Other Layerables

Long-sleeve dresses style chic and practical cold-weather outfits, covering your arms and providing warmth. As a fall and winter wardrobe staple, long-sleeve dresses pair well with many other cold-weather outfit components. They’re layerable, giving you multiple ways to bundle up, from wearing scarves and hats to pantyhoses and jackets.

Pro Style Tip

Avoid wearing a jacket over your dress if your long sleeves are billowy and have a unique design characteristic, such as lacing, fringing, or feathers. The same is true if they’re bulky. Decorative sleeves should take the spotlight, and bulky sleeves add awkward shaping to your outfit when you cover them with another layer.

What do you wear with a long-sleeve dress? Any type of footwear that matches the dress’ aesthetic, earrings, necklaces, rings, and fall- and winter-weather staples. There are lots of styling possibilities with a long-sleeve dress, providing you with multiple looks to play around with as you mix and match your wardrobe items. Enjoy the many benefits of long-sleeve dresses, from their styling versatility to cold-weather practicality. Also, buy more variations for your closet with Two Cumberland’s selection of southern women’s dresses. Check out our different long-sleeve dresses and other dress options.

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