4 Memorial Day Outfits To Keep You Looking Cute All Summer

4 Memorial Day Outfits To Keep You Looking Cute All Summer

The summer months come with numerous special occasions and holidays, from Independence Day to Labor Day. The delightful sunny skies and warm weather that comes with summer paired with the celebrations make the summer holidays some of the year’s best events. This May 30th, join the rest of the country in honoring the lives of those lost in active military duty on Memorial Day.

This momentous holiday honors the lives of those who fought for this country and creates a moment to celebrate life and gather with loved ones. Whether you’re spending the day relaxing and remembering lost loved ones or celebrating life with an outdoor barbeque, here are four Memorial Day outfits to keep you looking cute all summer.

Patriotic Two Piece

As an ode to those in the military, showcase an outfit that shouts red, white, and blue. A popular patriotic two-piece fit includes blue jean shorts, a red top, and white sneakers. Accessorize the look with a red, white, blue, or spangled hair ribbon paired with sunglasses and a hat to combat the summer sun. Another common patriotic two-piece style includes white jeans with a blue top and red accessories like a chunky red necklace and dangling statement earrings. Both outfits offer a casual yet on-theme look that works for any summer event, from cookouts to family park day.

Outdoor Summer Dress

For a more dressy look fit for brunch, restaurant dining, or family gatherings, an outdoor summer dress keeps you styled for the weather and cute for the occasion. Dresses come in various forms, offering a range of lengths, styles, and aesthetic options. The signature style of summer dresses includes flowy fits, colorful materials, gingham or floral patterns, and short sleeves or off-the-shoulder necklines. Accessorize your summer dress with open-toed heels, sandals, flats, or wedges, and a straw bag to complete the outfit.

Swimsuit Coverup

A popular way to spend Memorial Day is lounging by the pool or on the beach. Whether you’re attending a party or need to run around town before hitting the waterside, a stylish coverup keeps you looking fashionable while offering a practical purpose. Technically, any clothing item can act as a swimsuit coverup, but some do the job better than others. Loose-fitting dresses hide any bumps or knots from your swimwear and provide an easy solution to putting on and taking off a regular piece of clothing. Plus, they don’t cling to your body when you get out of the water and provide breathing room for the cool summer breeze to dry you off and keep you refreshed in the heat.

Casual Chic

If you’re keeping things casual on May 30th, dress for maximum comfort without sacrificing style with a casual-chic outfit. Basics are the foundation of many outfit creations. They keep things simple and are often accessible to everyone. A classic casual-chic fit features a plain tight-fitted crop top or tank matched with dark leggings or joggers, a styled messy updo, boutique sneakers, and sunnies.

Enjoy this year’s Memorial Day in style with some stylish summer outfits that complement the occasion and weather. If you need help finding pieces for your Memorial Day outfits to keep you looking cute all summer, check out Two Cumberland’s closet collection. They offer southern women’s clothing online and lots of sweet summer finds.

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