Why Crochet Tops Are a Popular Summer Trend

Why Crochet Tops Are a Popular Summer Trend

Summer opens the door to numerous style trends that embody the bright and colorful ambiance and warmth the season brings. One of the most popular trending summer fashion staples for this year is crochet tops. Whether you have the skills to create your own or prefer to buy a pre-made version, wearing crochet tops accentuates your summer look in various ways. Here is why crochet tops are a popular summer trend and why you should join in on the fun this year.

Breathable and Lightweight

In summer, the temperature rises, increasing the humidity with it. Many people opt for clothing items and looks that leave room to breathe and maximize airflow to combat the scorching heat and wet atmosphere. Crochet uses threads and yarn as the base material for their tops to create lightweight, breathable shirts, perfect for keeping you cool in the summer weather. Plus, due to the intricacy of crocheting, most crochet tops feature sleeveless or short sleeves, open backs, and cropped designs to minimize production time and optimize the shirt's compatibility with the heat.

Colorful and Patterned Designs

Yarns and threads come in all the colors of the rainbow. Their easy-to-dye properties allow them to hold vibrant pigments, creating crochet tops with colorful embellishments and various designs. These vibrant colors act as an appropriate symbol of the joy and beauty summer brings. On top of their ability to hold pigment, thread and yarn also allow designers to crochet tops in a range of fun patterns, further embodying the essence of summer.

Adds Texture to Outfits

Crocheting includes knotting, weaving, and threading yarns or threads with one another, creating lots of texture. Like patterns and prints, textures in your wardrobe can draw attention and produce bold statements. Adding various textures to an outfit stops your clothes from blending in with each other and builds a more structured, detailed, and body-accentuating look.

Boho Compatible

The boho aesthetic incorporates patterns, colors, and textures into their outfits, making crochet tops a one-stop-shop for all its requirements. Cropped crochet tops work well with maxi skirts, cuffed jeans, flowy shorts, and other signature pieces, further attuning to the boho ambiance. The crochet's soft, simple, and breathable properties match the boho way of living.

Easy To Pack

Crochet tops' lightweight and malleable qualities also make them easy to pack. You can roll them up in your bag as a spare change of clothes, swimsuit coverup, or vacation outfit option without using much space or adding noticeable weight. They also make an excellent accessory for layering clothes, offering versatility and flexibility to your outfits. They can transform and create new looks without needing various extra components.

When shopping for women's boutique tops online or in-store this summer, you may notice an increased selection of crochet tops. Like many popular fashion favorites, crochet tops provide dual purposes by combining style with practicality, making them the perfect summer trend to try out. Their weather and lifestyle compatibility are just two of the many reasons why crochet tops are a popular summer trend every year.

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