3 Chic Ways To Wear Shorts in Winter While Staying Warm

3 Chic Ways To Wear Shorts in Winter While Staying Warm

Shorts are a fan-favorite fashion item for their comfortability and versatility. And don't forget the way they put your legs on center stage! But even though shorts are fun to wear in summer, wearing them in winter is a daunting task!

Wearing shorts in winter requires a bit of creativity, but it isn't impossible. Here are three chic ways to wear shorts in winter while staying warm.

Toasty Tights

The easiest way to keep your legs warm when sporting shorts in the wintertime is to toss on a pair of thick, opaque tights. The best kind of winter tights are ones that are fleece lined with a tight knit and high denier (thickness)—a denier of 40+ is considered opaque.

Tights come in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures, so you can easily pair them with your apparel.

Thermal Leggings

Want something even warmer than tights? Another chic way to wear shorts in winter while staying warm is to pair them with leggings.

Leggings come in all kinds of materials—cashmere, suede, merino wool, you name it—and are just as versatile as their thinner counterpart.

Leggings are also more casual and sporty-looking than tights, which makes them ideal for early morning jogs and get-togethers with friends.

One piece of advice: pairing leggings with denim is a faux pas. The contrasting colors and materials compete for attention, which can make your fit look disjointed. For a more cohesive look, wear your leggings with shorts of the same or a similar color.

Snuggly Sweaters and Big Boots

But what if you don't want to conceal your legs?

Fun fact: You lose 40 percent of your body heat through your head, and the parts that get cold the fastest are the ones where your skin is thinnest—the ears, fingers, toes, and nose. The legs are some of the last parts of the body to get cold. As long as you're dressed warmly elsewhere, bare legs won't have much of an effect on how chilly you feel!

Pairing snuggly sweaters, trendy scarves, and warm boots with your winter shorts will keep you nice and toasty even in wintry weather.

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