13 Things Every Southern Girl Has in Her Closet

13 Things Every Southern Girl Has in Her Closet

Every southern girl has a unique style, but there are some southern fashion staples that even the most eccentric dressers can’t resist. You’ll find these staples in closets across the American South, from Texas to Alabama to the North Carolina coast! Here are 13 things that every southern girl has in her closet.

A Gingham Dress

We all know and love gingham, that quaint and pretty pattern that screams, “picnic!” Whether you’re going on a picnic or not, a gingham dress is the perfect spring and summer statement piece that’s a must for every southern girl.

Pearl Jewelry

Pearl jewelry was iconic in the 1920s. You don’t see pearls worn casually much anymore, but fair and frosted pearls are a necessary accessory for formal events! Every southern girl knows that when you’re feeling fancy, you break out the pearls. Pearl bracelets, earrings, and necklaces can add a touch of class and sophistication to any outfit.

Distressed Jeans

That’s right. Not just any pair of jeans, but distressed jeans! The jeans themselves may be distressed, with their casual and charming lived-in look, but you’ll feel cheery and comfy wearing them. Distressed doesn’t have to mean torn, either, for the southern girls that don’t like holes in their clothes. You can buy jeans with faded denim and zero scrapes, shreds, or holes.

A Floral Blouse

Blouses are classic southern attire. With their becoming necklines, loose fit, and pretty patterns, they blend comfort and style flawlessly. Every southern girl has a few blouses tucked away in their closet, and you’ll undoubtedly find a floral blouse among them. A huge part of southern culture is living in harmony with nature, and floral patterns pay homage to one of Mother Nature’s most beautiful creations—the flower.

A Tea Dress

You don’t have to like tea to appreciate the tea dress! These casual, airy, and mid-length dresses are a necessity for every hospitable southern girl. The original tea dress was a comfortable and classy dress for southern ladies to wear while entertaining guests at home. Like the original, modern tea dresses are great to wear during at-home gatherings or outings with friends and family.

A Plaid Shirt

We can thank Scottish rebels from the eighteenth century for this staple pattern. Plaid apparel originated from Scotland and was brought over to American when Scottish immigrants came to the country in the mid-1700s. Plaid flannel shirts were an instant hit in the South and remain a favorite pattern today! You can wear plaid shirts year-round, but they suit the fall season the best.

An Eyelet Top

Eyelets are tiny metal circles sewn into the fabric to create neat little holes. Eyelets give the appearance of dainty lace. But you don’t have to worry about being gentle with eyelet tops because, unlike lace, they won’t tear or fray easily! These tops are must-haves for every southern girl’s closet. They have a natural and boho look that falls perfectly in line with southern fashion.

A Cashmere Sweater

The American South is known for its warmer weather, but that doesn’t mean it never gets chilly! Cashmere is super soft and insulating, making it the ideal material for cold-weather sweaters.

Cashmere also comes from goats (they naturally shed the hair used to make cashmere in the summertime), and the South has many goats. In fact, the state of Texas contains close to half of the entire United States’ farm goat population!

Warm, easy to get, and great for humans and goats? Who could ask for more? Cashmere sweaters are an item every southern girl needs for those rare cold mornings.

A Sun Hat

Cold weather isn’t uncommon, but you’re much more likely to experience hot and sunny conditions in the South. Warm weather is nice, but what isn’t nice is having the sun’s rays shine directly on your face. And that’s why sun hats exist—to keep the sun out of your eyes.

But sun hats aren’t just practical; they also look incredibly chic. Black sun hats can make any outfit look elegant, patterned sun hats lend to a boho look, and you can tie a big ribbon around the trim for a cute and enchanting look.

A Trendy Tote

Purses are great and all, but when you have a lot of stuff to carry, you need something bigger and stronger, like a tote! Roomy totes provide a safe place to store your essentials and a clandestine place to hide the snacks you don’t want to share. And because totes have a simple design, they pair well with many outfits. Instead of wasting your time debating which purse matches your dress, you can grab a trendy tote and be on the road in seconds.

Lazy Loafers

Loafers are a comfortable and versatile shoe that every southern woman needs. Smooth, heeled, and horsebit loafers are a fantastic finishing touch to a professional ensemble, while chunky sole, shearling-lined, and tassel loafers make for great casual wear. There’s a loafer for every occasion, which makes them an invaluable part of every closet.

A Bounty of Boots

Southern girls know that it’s impossible to have too many boots in your closet. Every girl needs boots for style, play, and comfort. Rain boots are essential for overcast and showery days, ankle boots for parties and the cool fall season are non-negotiable, and thick, sturdy work or hiking boots are must-haves for when you want to spend time outdoors. Don’t forget riding boots for ambitious equestrians or people who like that knee-high boot look.

Stylish Sneakers

The final thing that every southern girl has in her closet is sneakers. Boots are versatile, but sneakers are arguably the most versatile footwear of all. These sporty and casual shoes work for any occasion, whether you’re out doing errands, at work, or at a party. Sneakers come in both laced and slip-on varieties, so choose whichever kind works best for you!

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13 Things Every Southern Girl Has in Her Closet

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