Why Size Matters: Big Bags vs. Small Bags

Why Size Matters: Big Bags vs. Small Bags

Bags come in various forms, from handbags and clutches to totes and backpacks. There are numerous ways to style and wear them, offering an abundance of accessorizing and functional options. Although the wide variety helps expand your styling creativity, it makes narrowing down the perfect bag for your needs more challenging.

Along with color and texture, the size of the bag plays an influential part in the decision-making process. It affects various considerable factors, from visual appeal to usage. Here are three reasons why size matters when choosing the best bag for you and the differences between big and small bags.

Carrying Capacity

The main purpose of a bag is to carry your necessities with you on the go. Unlike pockets, which you may or may not have in the first place, handbags provide you with a reliable carrier that doubles as an outfit accessory. What you want to carry, how much, and where you plan to go all affect whether you opt for a spacious tote or a petite purse.

If you prefer to always stay prepared, a larger bag option is more useful, allowing you to pack any essentials and more. On the other hand, for those who prefer to travel with just their phone, wallet, and keys on hand, a smaller option works best.

Baggage Limitations

Some places have limitations on a bag’s size. Theme parks, clubs, and certain shopping boutiques regulate bag size due to security protocols. Most locations prefer you carry a smaller bag because it limits your carrying capacity, hindering you from bringing in illicit items or stealing. Plus, at theme parks, smaller bags are safer to carry on rides. They are also easier to search. Wearing a smaller handbag meets security protocols and saves you time at checkpoints or finding a locker to store the bag.

Scale Illusion

Our eyes and brains like to play tricks on us, creating various optical illusions. The size of your bag affects your look, especially with scaling. There are many fashion tricks that alter your shape and appearance, like:

  • Knee-high boots elongate legs
  • Vertical-striped clothes create a slimming effect
  • Plunging necklines accentuate cleavage
  • Skirts and dresses that flare at the waist heighten curves

Small and large bags also affect the way you look to others. Big totes make you look tinier, while small handbags make you scale to be taller. As with any form of scale, leaning too much on one end—like opting for an oversized backpack or mini purse—throws the balance off completely, creating a distorted look. It puts you at risk of appearing like a giant or looking overwhelmed by a cluster of materials.

When it comes to choosing the right bag for you, size matters. Big and small bags both offer a range of positives and negatives. They also factor into various other considerations, from visual appearance to practicality. At Two Cumberland, we sell boutique tote bags that range in size, providing you with spacious and minimalistic options in different styles. Check out our collection and find the perfect bag for you and your needs.

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