Everything You Need To Know About Prairie Dresses

Everything You Need To Know About Prairie Dresses

A storybook frolic in an endless field of green and flowers is a classic, wistful dream for many. Prairie dresses allow you to tap into that fantasy, making you feel like the protagonist in a Jane Austen novel, one of the sisters in Little Women, or a down-to-earth cottage princess. Their flowy fit, modest lengths, soft cotton or linen fabric, and patterned prints add to the romanticism of a prairie dream scene.

Since 2020, prairie dresses have become a yearly summer and fall trend. Here is why they continue to reign as a seasonal fashion favorite and everything else you need to know about prairie dresses.

Prairie Dress History

Along with the many fruitions that came to life in the new world, pioneer women introduced the world to prairie dresses. Originally, prairie dresses were a style of skirt that country women wore. They featured dark colors to hide dirt stains, durable fabrics to withstand the demands of country life, and ruffles to allow more fabric to fill the skirt. Women often paired them with long sleeve tops and a petticoat.

Their Resurgence Into Trends

Thanks to the cottagecore and grandamacore aesthetic, as well as numerous film and tv show influences, prairie dresses resurged into the fashion realm in 2020 as popular southern boutique dresses. Modernized prairie dresses remove the petticoat and feature more style varieties, offering a range of sleeve and length options.

As an ode to the traditional prairie skirts, current versions of the dresses include a cinched hemming along the torso or waist area, ruffles, and tiered skirts to create a billowed and flowy look. They also typically still feature more neutral colors, but you can also find prairie dresses in various pastels and prints. Their flowy fit makes them a great summer option, and their modest design makes them a suitable dress in fall to keep you cozy and warm.

Prairie Dress Style Tips

There are numerous ways to style prairie dresses, making them an ideal outfit option for a range of occasions. Prairie dresses create the ultimate boho and cottagecore night-out looks when you pair them with heels and a chic purse. Style your prairie dress with sandals, a straw hat, and a tote for a casual summer fit. And in the fall, slip on some boots and tights to design a classic southern-inspired fall aesthetic attire.

Out of all the things to know about prairie dresses, from their past, growth, and fashion influence, one of the most important factors to keep in mind is how they enhance your wardrobe. Prairie dresses don’t just make your storybook and frolicking dreams come true. They allow you to tap into various down-to-earth aesthetics, style various looks, and dress comfortably.

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