7 Clever Ways To Transform Your Day Look for a Night Out

7 Clever Ways To Transform Your Day Look for a Night Out

We don't always have time to go home after work and spend another hour getting ready for the night. Whether it was a long shift or a rush to make happy hour, sometimes you need quick fixes to transform your professional appearance into a showstopping outfit that makes you feel like a million bucks. Explore this blog to learn seven clever ways to transform your day look for a night out without having to swing by your house.

Switching Out Your Shoes

One of the easiest and quickest ways to transform any outfit is by changing out the shoes you wear. Imagine yourself in your favorite jeans and t-shirt. Now, think about how you'd look in that outfit wearing a pair of Chuck's versus a black heel—the differences can be striking. Regardless of if you're wearing a dress, pantsuit, or workout gear, changing your shoes can drastically shift an outfit's purpose.

However, you don't just need to wear a heel when you're going out. Heels, flats, sandals, and boots are all great for dressing up an outfit. Heck, you can even wear sneakers around town if you want to go for a more casual or street-fashion inspired look.

It is like a balancing act when picking out your shoes for going out. If you have a less dressy top and pants, then a classy shoe can help raise the bar for an outfit. But, if you're already rocking a cocktail dress or another swanky look, you can wear a sneaker to spice it up with some youthful, fun energy.


You've probably already heard this a million times since you were old enough to buy clothes for yourself, but a little black dress (LBD) is a must-have staple for every woman's closet. And the reason you've heard it so much is because it's true. The right LBD can be worn to essentially every function or event in your life, besides a field day. From work to dates to holiday parties, you can wear this dress to all of your events. However, if you are worried that your little black dress isn't appropriate for a work setting, you can add hosieries and a blazer for a more professional look. Then, you only need to take the blazer off as you head off to meet friends at the end of the day.

Changing Out Jewelry

Jewelry has a massive influence on an outfit. The playful energy of hoop earrings can stand in stark contrast to a pearl stud's mature, preppy look. A princess neckless feels regal, and a chocker feels youthful. If you understand how a piece of jewelry makes you feel, you can typically match that with the function you're going to wear it to. If going out with friends, you're probably going to want that fun energy that hoops can give an outfit. Then, at work, you’re going to want to find more mature feeling accessories that empower you. Changing out jewelry is a simple way to transform your outfit that won’t take up a lot of space in your bag, either.

Touching Up Your Makeup

When going out at night, it's not just that your wear more makeup, but typically people have a specific idea of how they'd like to change their look. There are certain lipsticks, cat eyes, or colored eye shadows that you might not want to wear during the day for various reasons. However, when ready to hit the town, you should be more willing to take risks with your look. A bold lipstick is a simple way to upgrade an outfit, vibrantly complimenting your natural features while imbuing you with confidence.

Downgrading to a Clutch

When going out for the night, especially when you plan on hoping between events and bars, you don't want to burden yourself with a big bag. Your oversized utility bag or tote might be helpful during the day, but when you're having fun, you just want something big enough to carry the essentials. So, if you know you're going straight from work to meeting up with friends, use a clutch as your bag of choice. Or, if you need the bigger bag during the day, bring the clutch with you, then leave the larger purse in your desk or car.


Just like we do to stay warm in the winter, layering allows you to make an outfit more versatile as you can mix and match the different clothes for unique looks. As previously mentioned, a blazer or chic jacket is a great way to make an outfit more professional. However, you can get more creative than that. If you have a shorter dress that might not be appropriate for work, you can wear a long skirt over it. This way, the dress is working only as a top during the day, but you can wear your preferred outfit at night. You'll just want to be careful with this specific method because it will be difficult to move and sit normally if the dress is too tight. But if it's too loose underneath the skirt and there's excess fabric, it might look like a jumbled mess.

Party Pants

A fun pair of leather pants is a versatile look that can be worn professionally or to a concert without skipping a beat. Even a vibrated-colored pair of wool trousers can look as in place in a board room as in a swanky bar. Often what's going to decide the mode of the pants is the top and shoes you pair with it. You could wear a more professional top like a blouse for the workday. Then, if you wear a form-fitting tank top or bodysuit underneath, you can take off the blouse before hitting the town. Or, if your daily bag is big enough, just keep it in there. You can even keep the same outfit rolling into the evening if you can find a top as versatile as a great pair of leather pants.

After checking out these seven clever ways to transform for a night out, you can look ready for any occasion within a matter of minutes. To find the perfect accessory pieces for your night out, explore Two Cumberland's women's shoe boutique online shop to find some chic shoes to make you feel fantastic.

7 Clever Ways To Transform Your Day Look for a Night Out

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