4 Ways To Style Your Sweater Over a Dress

4 Ways To Style Your Sweater Over a Dress

From the fall into the winter, you don’t want to have to put any dresses into hibernation just because they leave your shoulders and arms exposed. Instead, you can style them with different winter tops to keep your dresses in rotation year-round. Explore these four ways to style your sweater over a dress for some tips on building a chic look while staying warm.

Front/Back Tuck

The front tuck is when you take the bottom of the sweater, and using a rubber band or hair tie, make a knot in the shirt like you would if you were making the shirt a crop top. Then, fold the knot under the sweater so that it’s hidden. This tuck should make the sweater naturally hang around your waist.

A back tuck is when you do the same thing, but on the backside to better hide any bulky bunches of the sweater. Also, since you are folding the sweater under itself, you only want to use the tuck method for thinner materials. Thick materials might make the area around the knot look weird and clumpy.

Over the Belt

The over the belt method for styling sweaters uses a belt to tuck the top rather than make a knot. Put the belt on over the top, then fold some excess material over the belt, hiding it. In the end, this look is similar to back tuck; you just use a different method to get a similar result.

Belt Over Sweater

The belt-over sweater look is just what it sounds like—it’s when you wear a belt over the sweater, using it as an accessory to help compliment the outfit. One of the biggest problems with the sweater over dress look is your waist can get lost in the material, so your natural shape isn’t always featured the way you’d prefer. However, by using a belt to accent your waist, you can highlight your figure.

Tuck Under Sweater

The tuck under sweater look can deceive the eyes, making a dress look like a skirt with a tucked-in top. This method works because you can use a wide belt to hide any excess material under the belt to create the illusion of a skirt.

Using these four ways to style your sweater over a dress, you can keep your outfits looking fresh and effortless throughout the winter. Also, if you want to add some stylish Southern women’s dresses to your closet this winter, visit us at Two Cumberland!

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