4 Ways To Bundle Up & Still Look Sexy This Winter

The wintery chill in the air might tempt you to bundle up into a shapeless mass of clothing to ward off the cold. But did you know it’s possible to stay warm without compromising on style? You can look chic and sexy even while wrapped up in layers of clothing. You just need the right pieces, a little styling magic, and confidence. Check out four fashionable ways to bundle up and still look sexy this winter.

Embrace Faux Fur

From the Victorian era to the late ’40s, fur coats were a luxury fashion item. High-class socialites and Hollywood starlets wore fur to exude their elegance and wealth. Embracing faux fur in your winter wardrobe odes to the symbolic luxuriousness fur once held, bringing sexiness to your look.

You can implement faux fur into your outfits in many ways, from fur-lined boots and hats to jackets and vests. These faux fur fashion statements bring extra warmth and glamour to any winter outfit.

Wear Tailored Outerwear

Who says winter wear needs to be bulky? A tailored coat or jacket can wrap you in warmth while simultaneously accentuating your figure. Look for cinched waists and flared bottoms for that perfect hourglass outline that combines comfort and style.

Rock Knee-High Heeled Boots

Knee-high heeled boots elongate your legs, add sophistication to any outfit, and provide substantial coverage and warmth. Plus, a little heel and a whole lot of leg is always sexy!

When selecting your boots, opt for ones with a thicker heel for more stability during those slippery winter days while still giving you that elegant lift. Additionally, leather or faux leather boots are a great choice, as they offer better insulation and some water-resistant and weather-appropriate qualities. Plus, like fur, leather is also a classic symbol of luxury in fashion.

Accessorize Wisely

Accessories are not just adornments; they’re practical style statements. A chunky scarf can add color to your outfit and protect your neck. Hats keep your head and ears warm while embellishing your outfit. Boutique tote bags allow you to carry your essentials and complete your look with a cherry on top. Gold jewelry adds glitz and glam to your outfits.

Ultimately, you can accessorize in many ways to give your outfit that added oomph and luxury. At Two Cumberland, we offer an array of sexy, chic accessory choices worth exploring and implementing into your winter look. Browse our selection so you can accessorize with style.

Winter is no excuse to let your style hibernate. With these four ways to bundle up and still look sexy this winter, you can stay warm while looking like a million bucks.

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