4 Chic Ways To Style Sneakers in 2022 for Every Fashionista

4 Chic Ways To Style Sneakers in 2022 for Every Fashionista

Dressing for comfort is a timeless fashion trend everybody loves. High fashion might sacrifice comfort for the runway, but relaxation and ease steal the show on the streets. Sneakers are comfy, stylish, and practical footwear suitable for various looks. Plus, sneakers come in a range of styles, providing you with multiple design choices to explore. With athleisure on the rise, it's time to discover four chic ways to style sneakers in 2022 for every fashionista looking to add a little more practicality to their outfits.


Whether you actually plan to work out or just like the coziness of athletic wear, embrace the sporty look! Sportswear encompasses numerous clothing items you can style in everyday life, such as leggings, biker shorts, and tennis skorts. You can match almost any sneaker with activewear, including regular sports shoes, hightops, and even platform sneakers. When it comes to styling an athletic outfit, color coordination can help add a little more glam to the look. You can look at your shoes’ colors to decide on what pieces to wear with them. Also, keep in mind that many athletic sneakers lean on the chunkier side of athletic footwear.

Day-to-Day Wear

If you're going to walk around downtown or run errands, sneakers make a great practical and cozy shoe choice. Boutique tennis shoes are stylish and casual sneakers that don’t make you look like you're about to go for a run. These tennis shoes pair well with short dresses, jeans, shorts, and skirts. A popular way to style boutique tennis shoes is to pair them with cuffed or wide-legged jeans for a 90s look.


Skaters have been pairing sneakers with chic outfits for decades. Their street-style aesthetic and culture make the practicality of their skater shoes fashionable. You can style skate shoes with oversized corduroy pants, shorts paired with mid-calf socks, jeans accompanied with a baggy graphic tee, overalls, and jumpsuits. Skating sneakers tend to have more prominent grips on the soles and sometimes have a rubber toe cap or lining around the shoe's main body. Hightops are also common skater-chic staples.

Going Out

Wearing sneakers and dresses once stood as a controversial fashion statement, but now, opting for tennis shoes over heels on a night out just makes sense. Sleek boutique tennis shoes offer style and comfort for the dance floor, providing you with plenty of mobility. Bodycon dresses pair well with boutique sneakers, along with short silk or satin cami dresses. Body-hugging skirts also style well with sneakers to achieve a chic yet comfy, going-out ensemble. If you still want to add some height, you could opt for platform sneakers.

You can wear sneakers in an assortment of ways and for numerous occasions, from errand-running to going on a night out in the town. No matter how you wear them, they can look stylish without sacrificing comfort. We hope that this list of four chic ways to style sneakers in 2022 for every fashionista helps you design comfier looks.

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