West Third Brand: Smell Good Daily Tonic Body Sprays

$ 34.00

Brand JC

A product line of West Third Brand, Smell Good Daily Tonic body sprays, available in 4 signature fragrances. Size: 2 fl oz.

Ingredients: filtered water, alcohol, essential oils and finely distilled perfume oils. 

VERT VETIVER:  Sicilian bergamot, lemon and grapefruit layered with Vetiver & lily with nuances of patchouli, fennel, cedar wood & a layer of musk. Fresh & Clean!

VANILLE DE SANTOS:  Sophisticated and sexy.  The sensual vanilla flower orchid layered with jasmine, white lily with subtle hints of exotic patchouli and spice.

VOYAGE D’TABAC:  Soft amber with golden tobacco leaves, soft patchouli, red amber combined with Tonka Bean & pure vanilla bean. 

SMOKY FIG:  Fresh green fig infused with lemon and Agave leaves. Layered with sage, lavender, and coconut with hints of lily and smoked fir with musk.