B-Six Stylin' Tape

$ 12.50
Stretchy double stick clothing & body tape keeps your clothes where they belong…on you. This d ouble-stick tape secures necklines, anchors shoulder straps, closes blouse gaps, holds up strapless bras and dresses, and more!
FLEXIBLE TO MOVE WITH YOU  - Unique stretchy tape flexes without popping off

EASY PEEL AND STICK  - Easy to use precut strips. 

HYPOALLERGENIC  - Made in the USA with the highest quality medical adhesives available.

CHIC PURSE FRIENDLY PACK  - Keeps tape clean and protected on the go.
Each pack of Stylin' Tape has multiple of each pre-cut sizes: thin, medium, and large.

Unique thin strips for a pucker-free look on
lightweight fabrics that need to flow.

Anchors shoulder straps and closes
blouse gaps on medium weight fabrics.

Exclusive extra wide size for stronger hold on 
strapless bras and heavier dresses.

18 thin strips = .25" x 3"
10 medium = .5" x 3"
4 large strips = 1" x 3" 

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