Yes or No? Should You Match Outfits With Your Boyfriend?

When you are in a relationship, you do a lot of things together. You attend events, borrow each other’s belongings, and share food with one another, but should you do everything together? Wearing matching outfits in a relationship is an ongoing debate. Some people find it adorable—an homage to the relationship. Others view matching couples’ outfits as cringy and unnecessary. Are you team yes or team no? Let’s weigh the pros and cons to better decide whether you should match outfits with your significant other.

Pros of Matching With Your Partner

Twinning with your partner creates a visual display of your relationship. Like a wedding band, promise ring, or team jerseys, matching outfits let onlookers know you and your significant other are together.

On top of visually depicting your ties to one another, wearing similar outfits as a couple also makes you and your partner feel connected. Matching outfits give you one more thing to bond over. Matching outfits keep you connected if you live apart or just need the comfort of one another. Plus, wearing coordinated outfits looks great in photos.

Cons of Wearing Matching Outfits

In a relationship, two becomes one. Between spending a lot of time together and sharing experiences and interests, many people in a relationship worry about blending into one person with their partner. Wearing clothes that match makes you look alike and further molds you into the same person.

Fashion is a form of self-expression, giving people the means to highlight and distinguish their personalities from others. Matching outfits with your significant other takes away a piece of your individuality.

Tips for Styling Power Couple Looks

Should you match outfits with your boyfriend? Creating the ultimate power couple look doesn’t require all parties involved to wear the exact same shirt. You can style matching looks without copying and pasting each other’s outfits, allowing you to maintain your individuality while still looking and feeling like a team.

For instance, you can coordinate the colors of your clothes but in your own style essence. Choose clothing pieces with similar aesthetics in each of your favorite hues. Find boutique-style tops that feature the same little details in clothing pieces your partner owns. Matching outfits should be a way to bring you and your partner together while also highlighting your individual personalities.

Whether you are for or against coordinating looks with your significant other, there is no right or wrong answer. If you and your partner want to connect and show off your relationship with matching digs, go for it! If you decide against twinning with your partner, that’s okay too. Two Cumberland is here to help you find all the wardrobe pieces you need to create both individual and matching outfits.

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