Why the Miniskirt Made a Comeback & What To Do About It

Why the Miniskirt Made a Comeback & What To Do About It

This year, numerous throwback trends are returning for another moment in the limelight, from Farrah Fawcett bangs to bucket hats. Another recently resurrected trend that's making a comeback is the miniskirt. These short, playful, and versatile skirts offer numerous attractive qualities and make a great addition to any closet. Here is a look into the return of miniskirts, why they're back, and what to do about it.

The Start of the Miniskirt Revolution

Miniskirts first revolutionized the fashion world in the '60s. They symbolized female liberation, breaking away from stereotypical, modest expectations of women, allowing them to show a little more leg and a lot more freedom. Coincidentally, their arrival joined the rise of many other women's rights. The most iconic miniskirt moments from the past include Cher's classic, yellow plaited miniskirt from Clueless and the reign of Spice Girls in the '90s.

Why Miniskirts Are Worth the Hype

Miniskirts make the perfect wardrobe addition on hot summer days all the way until the leaves begin to turn. They provide a lot of breathing room and, when paired with tights, create the most comfortable and chic outfits for fall aesthetics. Not only do they signify a lot of meaning to women and their empowerment, but miniskirts also boost confidence, lengthen legs, and can be used to create numerous different looks. They come in various styles, from body-hugging pencil skirts to flared and flowy skater skirts.

How To Style Miniskirts

Miniskirts' versatility opens the door to a range of styling opportunities. They create looks that embody casual, dressy, sophisticated, girly, punk, and many other fashion concepts. Here are three ways you can hop on the miniskirt trend and curate some stylish pieces:

Clueless-Inspired Uniform

For a Clueless and school-girl-inspired outfit, pair your miniskirt with a button-down or polo. Accessorize with heels, high-knee boots, or Converse, and add a pair of stockings to the mix. As an added outfit embellishment, slip on a blazer and a cute headband.

Playful and Girly Combo

While the sun is out and summer weather begs you to enjoy the outdoors, rock your miniskirt with a cute crop top or bodysuit. Pair the look with some heels, wedges, or sandals, and a summery bamboo bag. Opt for bright colors, sparkly skirts, and chunky shoes if you want to add a cute throwback and a little nod to the Spice Girls.

Sophisticated Fall Look

When sweater weather comes tumbling in, style your miniskirts with black tights and a turtle neck to create the ultimate fall and Tumblr-inspired outfit. Add boots and a cardigan. Pencil miniskirts often work best for this aesthetic.

What should you do with the return of miniskirts? Hop right on board. After all, they never really went away in the first place. Miniskirts are an essential wardrobe item. They can create numerous looks and fit various aesthetics. Two Cumberland offers a range of women's skirts online, including multiple minis that'll help get you up to speed with the miniskirts' comeback.

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