When Is It Time To Put Away the Summer Clothes Down South?

When Is It Time To Put Away the Summer Clothes Down South?

In the South, the seasons tend to blend together rather than provide distinct transitions. Many months feature sudden warm and cold fronts between their regularly scheduled forecasts. Although the milder seasons ensure you don’t suddenly wake up snowed in, their unpredictability makes seasonal closet management more challenging. Here are some things to consider when debating whether it’s time to put away the summer clothes down South.

Winter Weather in the South

More recently, winters tend to stay on the milder side, sticking in the positive temperature range and producing bearable amounts of snow. When the South does get cold, a sweater and minimal layers suffice. If you live in the mountains or along the coast, sometimes, a few more layers help cozy you up. In general, the cold starts to settle in late November. Sometimes, it doesn’t even roll in until mid-December.

Switching Out Clothes

Most people start to retire their summerwear around Thanksgiving. Others wait until December. Some pull out their sweaters the second that temperatures dip, while others require a two-week cold streak. Like the great debate of how soon is too soon for Christmas decor, there’s no designated deadline for switching out seasonal items. It depends on personal preferences and that year’s weather trends.

Transitional Outfits

Between the temperamental seasonal temperatures and the effort it takes to rearrange your wardrobe’s stock, sometimes, owning a seasonal closet in the South isn’t worth it. Instead, many opt for transitional and multipurpose wardrobes that provide outfit pieces that work in all weather conditions. Transitional outfits make the most of the art of layering. They transform classic summer pieces like miniskirts and dresses into cold-weather attire just with a pair of leggings and an undershirt.

Southern Seasonal Wardrobe Tips

Seasonal wardrobes, however, do offer some benefits. They create a more monumental seasonal shift, solidifying the change of festivities. Plus, for those with a large collection of clothes, it helps organize the closet, freeing up space during certain times of the year. If you plan on curating a southern seasonal wardrobe, here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind:

  • Keep your warm-weather clothes easily accessible for those sudden warm fronts.
  • Stock up on a few multipurpose outfit pieces.
  • Buy a range of seasonal outfits varying in thickness and material.
  • Shop for winter pieces sold and made in southern boutiques because they’ll equip you with pieces best appropriate for local weather conditions.

When down South, it’s hard to know exactly when it’s the right time to put away the summer clothes. However, opting for transitional outfits rather than set seasonal pieces or following some southern seasonal wardrobe best practices makes dressing for local forecasts easier. At Two Cumberland, our boutique sells a mix of seasonal pieces and clothing items that are perfect for layering. We recommend our boutique skirts for cute transitional outfits. Check out our closet inventory and curate a wardrobe ’fit for any southern season.

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