What Does the Color You Wear Say About You?

What Does the Color You Wear Say About You?

Fashion plays a major role in self-expression. We dress in colors, designs, and trends that personally appeal to us, an action that subtly screams "This is me!" to the world.

You can make a pretty good guess as to what someone's personality is like by examining the kinds of clothes they wear, because fashion preferences often unconsciously reflect an individual's thoughts, feelings, and inner personal traits. The colors in a person's wardrobe are especially reliable indicators of their inner selves.

So, what does the color you wear say about you? Read on to find out!


If red clothes are your jam, you're a confident and charismatic individual who isn't afraid to speak their mind and take chances. Your assured and coolheaded attitude inspires everyone around you and makes you a fantastic leader. You can easily accomplish whatever goals you put your heart and mind into.


Orange-wearers are fiercely independent, but that doesn’t mean they’re recluses! The people closest to them would describe them as active, spunky, and full of energy and enthusiasm. They take life by the horns and use their boundless creativity and wit to effortlessly accomplish their dreams.


Are you always clad head-to-toe in yellow? What does this color say about you? You don't just look like the sun—you are the sun! People who wear yellow are positive and sunny. You rarely see them without a big smile on their face. They're also opportunistic and spontaneous, and enthusiastically tackle whatever challenges life throws at them.


Lovers of green are grounded and intellectual. They have a cautious and detail-minded personality that brings them great success in the workplace. They're some of the most reliable people around and always keep their promises, no matter how small or trivial.


Blue is a color that represents calmness and serenity. People who wear blue are calm, collected individuals that have unmatched wisdom. Their friends, family, and sometimes even total strangers often turn to them for comfort and advice.


Purple is a mature and mysterious color. People who are drawn to purple are empathetic, sensitive individuals who are in touch with their own emotions and the emotions of others. Their minds are always running, which can cause them a lot of stress, but their active minds come up with some of the most incredible and creative ideas.


Pink is a fun and feminine color. If you like to wear pink every day of the week (not just on Wednesdays), chances are, you're a bouncy, bubbly person who exudes a cheery aura. People are naturally attracted to you because of your fun and optimistic personality.

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